5 reasons eating fish every day is REALLY good for you, even if you’re not Bengali

You might find it odd that people in Bengal, Assam and the coastal regions of India eat fish for about all their meals, and you might even have made playfulness of them for loving pisces so much. But the fact remains that pisces is one of the healthiest foods you can depend on .
Yes, there ‘s a definite flavour-factor attached to eating fish. It does n’t matter if you ‘re having boastfully pisces like rahu or bhetki, or small ones like mackerels and sardines, every screen of fish packs quite a punch of flavours. pisces is besides very easy to cook, because its human body cooks quite fast. You can fry it, grill it, poach it, steam it, bake it or boil it — fish constantly comes out tasting brilliant, and pairs well with everything from rice to rotis.

Also Read: Eating chicken helps lose weight; 5 other benefits you had no idea about But set aside that taste quotient, and you ‘ll find that pisces has much more going for it. It can contribute to your health in ways that you might have heard of. hera are a few reasons why you should decidedly have fish every day : 1. The good fat Unlike other food groups, the fatso types of fish ( pink-orange, trout, sardines, tuna and mackerel ) are actually the best for your health. That ‘s because pisces is chock full of omega-3 fatty acid fatso acids, the full fat. These fatso acids are highly important for the proper function of the brain and eyes, which is why it is besides recommended to expecting mothers .Picture courtesy: Pinterest painting courtesy : Pinterest 2. Healthy heart Because of the absence of saturated fats in pisces, it is highly-recommended for your center health. Cholesterol, one of the biggest enemies of heart health, can be kept at bay if you indulge in pisces regularly, rather of other sources of protein, like wimp, mouton and lamb. Including pisces in your diet is the best thing you can do to keep cardiovascular diseases at bay.

3. The best source of vitamin pisces is a natural source of vitamin D. In fact, it is chock full of it. What you basically need vitamin D for is to help your body absorb all other sorts of nutrients, and to maintain overall health. Eating fish aids this need of the body, so you should decidedly depend on this food for vitamin D. Also Read: Ditch unhealthy snacks, and indulge in these 9 goodies to stay warm this winter  4. Fight depression From omega-3 fatty acid fatso acids and DHA to vitamin D, all the components of fish can help you keep mental health issues at bay. fish is a natural anti-depressant, and can help you contend natural depression and mood swings. so, eating fish can actually keep you happier and healthier .Picture courtesy: Pinterest picture courtesy : Pinterest

5. Low risk of major diseases If you eat pisces regularly, you can keep the hazard of autoimmune diseases like diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis at alcove. pisces is a one-stop source of indeed many full of life nutrients that it can maintain a healthy poise in your body, and help fight all sorts of major diseases. apart from these benefits, eating fish can besides improve your metamorphosis, sleep quality, clamber timbre, concentration and relieve excitement. With thus many health benefits, and the flavour-factor attached, there are adequate reasons for you to start indulging in fish for the rest of your animation .

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