Muesli For Diabetics – Is Muesli Good For Diabetics?

Muesli For Diabetics – Is Muesli Good For Diabetics?

Diabetes is a condition that has affected half a population present and more than 90 per cent of the population is suffering from type 2 diabetes. This condition is caused when the pancreas is not able to produce a sufficient total of insulin hormone .
therefore, the body is not able to convert boodle into glucose and the amount of boodle starts increasing in the body of the person. consequently people eat different kinds of food in order to stop the increase level of sugar in the body. One such food is muesli which has been claimed by many researchers that it lowers the lineage sugar floor in the consistency .

Muesli benefits for Diabetics:

People with high weight are more at risk of having diabetes and muesli helps in system of weights passing. It is essential to reduce weight to control the floor of type 2 diabetes. Excess glucose is stored in the form of glycogen, which becomes the basal adipose tissue around the belly. The component of muesli enhances the break down of this glycogen. This glycogen break-down occurs in excess when we take muesli. therefore enhances fleshiness dominance.

Muesli contains beta-glucan as its chemical part. This constituent significantly down-regulate the blood sugar degree which is done by the suppression of SGLT 1 ( sodium-glucose co-transporter ) formula in the mucous membrane of the intestine .

Muesli recipes for Diabetics:

here are some recipes containing muesli which are best for people with diabetes :

  1. Strawberry Yogurt and Muesli Parfait

    • ½ cup of blueberries
    • 1 tablespoon of raspberries
    • 2 cups of sugar-free strawberry yogurt
    • ½ sugar-free muesli

    How to make:

    • Take a serving glass and layer it with the ingredients one by one
    • Keep it in the refrigerator for 1 hour
    • Serve cold with the topping of nuts

    Tip: Do not add boodle as the food is to be eaten by the people having diabetes .

  2. Swiss-style Muesli

    • 240 gms of muesli
    • 1 grated green apple
    • ½ cup natural yogurt
    • 1 cup skimmed milk
    • 240 gms of oats
    • 10 gms of nuts of your choice

    How to make:

    • Take a bowl and combine all the ingredients together and refrigerate the whole night
    • Next morning take out the bowl and serve it cold with low-fat yogurt.
  3. Homemade Muesli with Oats and Nuts

    • 1 cup muesli
    • 1 cup rolled oats
    • 2 apples
    • 1 tablespoon cinnamon
    • ½ cup pumpkin seeds
    • ½ cup goji berries
    • ½ pecan nuts

    How to make:

    • Take a bowl and add muesli, oats, and all the seeds and mix them up
    • You can even toast these in a pan or in oven
    • For caramelized apples take a pan and add butter in it. Cut the apple into small pieces.
    • Add apples in butter and put some cinnamon powder, honey or maple syrup and cook on low heat for 5 minutes.
    • Mix all the things together and serve with warm or cold milk as you like.

Is muesli good for diabetics?

Muesli is a mix of different kinds of nuts or seeds. These nuts and seeds are good sources of magnesium are important for regulating the degree of glucose in the body of people suffering from diabetes and besides keep people risk spare .

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