Why Nutritional Yeast Is NOT Vegan Health Food {+ what it really is}

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Have you seen or eaten nutritional yeast ?
It ’ sulfur that bum, balmy, bizarre, yellow condiment used chiefly by vegans and vegetarians to provide protein, minerals, and B vitamins ! How couldn ’ metric ton it be goodly ?
A copulate of years ago I made a vegan soup for some friends. I added nutritional yeast for a boost of flavor and nutrition, then ate a bowl to double-check the flavors. Within minutes of eating the bowl of soup, I about lost both my remainder and consciousness.

several months late, I ate nutritional yeast again and the like symptoms overcame me. The correlation was unmistakable .
I ‘d been a vegetarian for 10 years and used to eat this apparently benign and nutrient-infused ingredient ! What changed ? Who can eat nutritional yeast safely ? And who should avoid it ?

What Is Nutritional Yeast?

The product of nutritional yeast begins in highly-controlled laboratories, where a common yeast called Saccharomyces cerevisiae grows on one of three nutrient-deficient foods : boodle cane, beet molasses ( normally genetically modified ), or forest pulp. Lacking an external source of nutrients, the yeast makes its own .
Manufacturers then dry the yeast to preserve its nutrients. They normally spray it with hot gas, a process that causes thermal degradation and loss of nutrients. nutritional yeast can besides be eaten newly ( although this merchandise is no longer available to buy ) or dried with a more traditional method called “ cram drying ” .
Most companies then fortify nutritional yeast by adding vitamins such as folic acid and Vitamin B12. Remember, folic acerb is the harmful, celluloid form of vitamin bc. Compared with vitamin bc, the body does not use folic acid effectively. ( Source. )
only two companies in America ( Trim Healthy Mama and Sari ) produce both a non-genetically-modified and a non-vitamin-fortified nutritional yeast. Most unsuspecting consumers purchase one of the mainstream brands of genetically-modified, gas-dried, and folic acid-fortified nutritional yeast !
note : Bob ’ second Red Mill, Bragg, Frontier, Harmony House, NOW Foods and Red Star nutritional yeast brands all pasteurize their products a well as fortifying with celluloid ingredients ( beginning ) .
As if that ’ s not adequate, one major topic remains…

Why Nutritional Yeast Is Not Vegan Health Food

The vegan life style means needing to find choice sources of protein ascribable to a lack of animal protein. For many, this means adding nutritional yeast in big quantities to foods and recipes. normally referred to as monosodium glutamate ( MSG ), free glutamic acid is a work food arguably found in nutritional yeast. In the case of nutritional yeast, manufacturers do n’t add MSG intentionally ; it occurs because of the fabricate summons. thus, the misleading wording we often see in the food diligence, “ no add MSG ”, means the product may still contain MSG. ( Source. )
Glutamic acid, a naturally occurring neurotransmitter found in establish and animal proteins, excites our taste bud and the neurons in our brains. unharmed foods like cram broth and aged cheese check jump, unprocessed, and healthful ( for most people ) glutamic acid .
On the other hand, unnaturally fermented or manufactured foods hold something called “ processed complimentary glutamic acerb ”. In early words, glutamic acid has been freed from its protein during the manufacture summons. It is now an excitotoxin .
Excitotoxins intervene with normal brain routine by overstimulating nerve cell receptors in the hypothalamus and causing the death of neurons.

This is why nutritional yeast is considered impure — it most likely contains processed free glutamic acid ( informant ). When ingested, the highly concentrated glutamates enter the bloodstream then the brain without going through the proper channels of digestion ( source ). 25 % of the population reacts adversely to free glutamic acidic, normally within 48 hours of consumption .
The consumption of MSG has similar side effects to some pharmaceuticals, which can be confusing to consumers ( beginning ). Excitotoxins are known to cause long-run, serious neuro-degenerative damage, including Alzheimer ’ second Disease and Parkinson ’ south Disease ( source ) .

Are You At Risk?

truth in Labeling is a web site dedicated to exposing the dangers associated with MSG. They list the neurological symptoms I experienced ( headache, dizziness, light-headedness, loss of counterweight ) among the common symptoms of MSG. They besides record 70 adverse reactions caused by MSG, including cardiac, gastrointestinal and respiratory issues. ( Source. )
While MSG does not cause noticeable symptoms in everyone, it is a know carcinogen and damages the brain. More controversial is whether or not nutritional yeast contains MSG. My body ‘s reaction to nutritional yeast suggests it does. I do n’t react negatively to other glutamate-rich foods, like bone broth and aged cheeses ( healthful staples in my diet ) .

“ … [ S ] ome people react to the food ingredient monosodium glutamate. What many don ’ thymine know, is that more than 40 unlike ingredients contain the chemical in monosodium glutamate ( processed free glutamic acid ) that causes these reactions. ” — Jack Samuels, godhead of the Truth in Labeling Campaign

Jack Samuels, the former foremost authority on MSG in the traditional community, includes “ yeast food, yeast nutrient ” in his list of “ ingredients that always contain refined free glutamic acerb ” .
logically speaking, when we look at how MSG develops in foods, the product method acting of nutritional yeast matches. It is a manufacture, fermented food, highly concentrated in spirit and glutamates. This kind of man-made food is precisely where we see monosodium glutamate occurring, as a by-product of other food processes ( beginning ). besides, interestingly, the fabrication of MSG itself is very like to the procedure of creating nutritional yeast ( reservoir ) !
nutritional yeast is a flavor foil ! That ’ mho why vegetarians and vegans love it. So is MSG. Any man-made flavor-enhancer should make us timid .


“ Since free glutamic acid is brassy and since its neurotoxic steel foreplay enhances so wonderfully the flavor of basically bland and tasteless foods, such as many low-fat and vegetarian foods, manufacturers are tidal bore to go on using it and do not want the public to realize any of the problems. ” –The American Nutrition Association ( source )

Most nutritional yeast is genetically modified and all probably contains MSG, which causes unplayful neurological disorders and other physiological health problems .
many consumers are symptom-free, flush after years of eating nutritional yeast. however, MSG works slowly and insidiously on the homo brain, and it is hard to measure its effects on those who don ’ t have a glutamate sensitivity.

While nutritional yeast contains amino acids, minerals, and B vitamins, there are better food sources for this nutriment that are not man-made. Babies and children are the most sensitive, and any foods that potentially contain MSG should be rigorously avoided ( source ) .
Until we chemically analyze the measure of processed rid glutamic acidic in different brands of nutritional yeast, we must base our conclusions on the tell we have. Shall we not eat sincerely natural, unadulterated, unrefined, unharmed foods ?

Reasons to Avoid Nutritional Yeast

  • Many brands are genetically modified
  • Nutritional yeast contains MSG (due to the manufacturing process)
  • MSG causes serious neurological disorders
  • May experience headache, dizziness, light-headedness, loss of balance
  • There are 70 adverse reactions caused by MSG recorded, including cardiac, gastrointestinal and respiratory issues. (Source.)
  • You may be symptom free for now, but symptoms can build slowly (bio-accumulation)
  • There are better food sources for nutrients found in nutritional yeast (namely amino acids, minerals and B vitamins)

If you still wish to consume even little amounts of nutritional yeast and the MSG does not seem to bother you, Trim Healthy Mama and Sari sell non-genetically-modified, non-fortified nutritional yeast ( yes, they credibly contain MSG due to the fabricate summons ). Avoid other american brands like Red Star nutritional yeast .

What have your experiences been with nutritional yeast?

informant : https://nutritionline.net
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