I Ate Pizza for Breakfast Every Day for a Week—Because a Nutritionist Said It Was Healthier Than Cereal

I ’ ve constantly been a fan of pizza. In high school, I looked forth to the one time each week my parents would regulate a proto-indo european for dinner—and then the cold leftover slice I would inevitably eat for breakfast the keep up good morning. So when I heard about a dietician who said pizza can be healthier than a bowling ball of grain for breakfast, I was intrigued.

rather of eating my usual cereal or greek yogurt for breakfast, I thought it was worth trying pizza for five days square. The right pizza purportedly can provide more nutrients than a bowl of sugary corn flakes, the dietician said, and I wanted to test the theory. To make certain I was doing breakfast pizza the good way, I spoke with Health contributing nutrition editor program Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, who provided a few essential pointers on how to healthify my daily pizza. “ A proto-indo european piled with processed bolshevik kernel and cheese with a compact crust may leave you feeling dull, sleepy, and bloated all day, ” says Sass, “ but a pizza loaded with veggies, tend protein, and light cheese ( or no tall mallow ! ) on a healthy crust can be a nourish and energizing way to start your day, and may even help with weight personnel casualty. ” She suggests using a crust made of cauliflower or almond flower for a lower carb count and choosing a healthy nucleotide like dairy-free pesto or tomato sauce. then, top she recommended I top the pizza with lots of vegetables to get vitamins and keep it light. With Sass ’ s tips in mind, I headed to the grocery store store and prepared for my foray into breakfast pizza. I chose a whole pale yellow crust from Trader Joe ’ s, which I rolled out on my own and topped with tomato sauce, feta cheese ( Sass says this cheese is lower in fat than your distinctive mozzarella ), prosciutto slices for a protein boost, peppers, and basil. After baking the pizza on Sunday night, I couldn ’ t resist and eat separate of my breakfast for dinner. Spoiler alert : it was delicious. I went to bed agitate to eat more pizza for breakfast .

Day 1: Homemade pizza topped with greens

Before heading to work, I wrapped a slice of my pizza creation in aluminum hydrofoil. I ate my first slice cold, which may sound unappetizing to some, but I personally love cold pizza.I topped my slice with rocket for extra greens and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Halfway through my breakfast, I texted my ally just to tell her how big pizza for breakfast is. My pizza held me over for about three hours until lunch. That ’ south much longer than when I eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast, but about the lapp amount of time as when I eat greek yogurt for my good morning meal. still, it felt dainty to switch up my ante meridiem everyday with a savory preferably than sugary breakfast option.

Day 2: Pepperoni pizza from the freezer aisle

I thought I might be bored of pizza two days in a row, but the leftovers were equitable a delightful as Day 1. I decided to heat up the pizza today to mix it up a little, but overall the same great spirit was there and I enjoyed every bite. After finishing my slice, I realized I had consumed the last of my concoction, so I would have to figure out where my adjacent three day ’ s worth of slices would come from.

Since I wanted to see how eat not-so-healthy pizza could affect me besides, I stopped by a local drugstore and stocked up with one frozen pepperoni pizza. I got home and threw that lollipop in the oven for 25 minutes and boom, breakfast for the adjacent three days was quick to go. I loved how easy preparing my breakfast pizza the night before was, but was curious to see how it affected my body.

Day 3: Post-pizza hunger kicks in

I ’ ll be honest : when I pulled out a slice of pepperoni pizza at 9 ante meridiem, my coworkers looked at me funny. still, nothing could stand between the golden buttery crust and me, so I happily ate my slice. I topped the flash-frozen pizza with rocket again, because it felt strange to only eat cheese, boodle, and pepperoni foremost thing in the good morning when I normally have something lighter and more alimentary dense, like Greek yogurt and fruit. By 11 ante meridiem, I noticed I was getting pretty athirst. That hunger persisted throughout the entire day. normally, I can wait until 7 post meridiem to have dinner, but I was starving by 6 p.m .

Day 4: Craving sweet cereal or fruit

It pains me to say this, but by Day 4 I was getting a little bored of my beloved pizza. I craved something fresh for breakfast, like a bowl of Raisin Bran or evening a banana with insignificant butter. It didn ’ t assistant that my function had a bagel spread. I couldn ’ triiodothyronine resist, so I got fruit and a crescent roll and ate them along with my pizza. hush, my carbo-loading didn ’ thyroxine keep me full moon for very long, and once again I was athirst ahead noon. According to Sass, a nutritionally poise pizza should keep you feeling satisfied for about four hours, so I knew I was failing on that front. inactive, I proceeded in the name of journalism.

Day 5: Boredom…and bloat

On my final dawn, I gazed sadly at my lone pizza piece. I very was not in the climate to eat pizza for breakfast again. I realized that I like to switch up my meals and get bored easily, so eating the lapp food for a week straight was getting to me. I ate my concluding slice american samoa cursorily as possible to get it over with. On a positive note, eating pizza for breakfast every day eased my usual dinner pizza cravings. And on Day 5, I didn ’ t feel hungry again until noon. possibly it was the kombucha I drank aboard my slice, possibly it was diaphanous fortune, but I was felicitous with how broad I felt. In terms of the overall physical effects, I was perceptibly more bloat than usual by the end of the week and excited to take a break from pizza. I thought eating pizza for breakfast would affect my climate or department of energy levels, but I didn ’ thymine know any adverse effects besides getting hungrier earlier than common for lunch. My experiment did make me think harder about what the rest of my meals would look like for the day since my breakfast seemed thus, well, unhealthy.

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Was pizza for breakfast worth it?

overall, the pizza satiated me until lunch, specially when I opted for the right toppings, like vegetables and tend protein. Eating pizza for breakfast on the regular is decidedly accomplishable if you put some think into your slice. Greasy pepperoni and cheese aren ’ thymine sustainable and healthy breakfast options, but a few key substitutions can turn pizza into a bang-up breakfast—with a distribute less sugar than typical breakfast foods .

source : https://nutritionline.net
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