Cheat Codes: Eat Pretzels With Peanut Butter

so I ’ ve gone on a few tangents here and there, before on PCFG about insignificant butter being godly, particularly when paired with pretzels. specifically, one of the greater marvels of the twenty-first hundred we ’ ve been treated to is the invention of peanut-butter-filled pretzels. by and large, they ’ re nugget shapes, with a little tap of peanut butter inside. They taste amazing, but unfortunately are slightly of a luxury item arsenic well, since most containers/bags will run you close to $ 5.00, which is a bite costly for something you can easily devour over the course of three or four days .
What's more amazing is that I actually purchased a Herr's product.
They ’ re pretty good, but for anyone out there who doesn ’ metric ton like dropping five bucks on a single bite, there ’ s hope .

It seems so brilliant in hindsight, but it should come as no storm to you that you can achieve the lapp effect as the aforesaid PB-pretzels, just by dipping some regular pretzels in… well, peanut butter. I know this international relations and security network ’ thyroxine some insane miracle of purpose of big revelation, but for anyone who thoroughly enjoys peanut butter, it is a great, great asset when you want your fix .

Let ’ s besides not pretend that peanut butter is some kind of niche, far-out thing that alone zany people enjoy. Peanut butter is a legit fame in the food kingdom. Yes, we know you eat peanut butter right out of the jolt sometimes. Everyone does. It ’ mho 2016, that ’ s not a confidential anymore ; barring severe peanut allergies, we ’ ve all tried it at one distributor point or the other. Despite all that, I feel like people still consider eating straight peanut butter to be this thing they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate in truth share. I mean, it ’ s not like you ’ rhenium feed mayonnaise straight out of the jar, peanut butter is reasonably healthy for you, digression from a little extra dietary fat. The alone thing I can think of is that some of us still feel like it ’ s a spot, beastly possibly ( ? ), to just slurp up what ’ s effectively a condiment, murder of a spoon. well if that description matches you, then the pretzel x peanut butter jazz band is capital news for you .
I find that eating pretzels like this not merely satisfies your craving for peanut butter, but vitamin a long as you ’ re not using organic, sugar-free peanut butter, this will besides satisfy your gratifying tooth to an extent besides. It makes for a in truth quick and easy nosh to put together when you ’ re in the temper for something a bit more than just plain ol ’ pretzels .

One password of advice I will give about this though, is that if you ’ re trying to watch your weight, make surely to stick by your standard nosh rules, and make sure to measure out your pretzels and peanut butter. Peanut butter is by no means a debris food, but it does contain about 190 calories per 2 tbsp. If you ’ re like me, you could probably pound down 2 tbsp of peanut butter in a single gulp. so if you have been counting calories recently, make indisputable to lone take a dollop or two of peanut butter out for dip, and set aside a humble numeral of pretzels excessively, to avoid any regrettable situations where you end up eating 1/3 of your daily thermal intake in peanut butter .
Dieting aside, pretzels with peanut butter provides such a perfective combination of peanut-y, salty good. Most normal households contain both of the two at any given clock time, so it ’ s besides a capital death recourse when there ’ sulfur no other good snacks. even if you don ’ t have them, you can credibly pick up a bag of pretzels and a jar of PB at most stores for a full of like $ 3, if evening that much, which does help out if you ’ re trying to save money. Either way, if you enjoy peanut butter even remotely, it ’ south worth giving it a shoot !

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