Real Good Foods Superfood Crust Pizza Review

SuperFood Crust 

today we ’ rhenium comparing real good Foods Superfood Crust to two other cauliflower crusts on the marketplace for review ; the Cali’flour Foods Crust and Caulipower Foods Crust. These two cauliflower crusts were found at our local grocery store store. Starting out on the review of these three different crusts we ‘re going to look at their nutrition information. then we ‘ll pop all three of them in the oven and do a taste quiz for you.


All of these pizzas are gluten-free options. Real good Foods Superfood Pizza crust has the highest total of protein compared to all of these. I ‘ve been working on increasing my protein recently, so this is big !

Side note:

If you find yourself struggling with hunger throughout the day, and your protein is fairly low, then increasing it can very help. I ’ m not a huge fan of meat, so I love finding different ways to get more protein in my diet. now onto nutriment for the first crust !

Real Good Foods

Let ‘s start with real Good Foods which has three different pizza crusts out right now, but the one we are focusing on as function of this review is the Superfood crust .


actual good Foods Superfood Pizza Crust is gluten-free, gloomy in net carbs, and big for low-carb dieters. It ’ s made with broccoli, cheese, rice flour, sorghum flour, egg, almond flour, avocado, kale, and peas. rightfully, it ’ second loaded down with superfoods making me feel great about my teens enjoying this american samoa well. now, you probably noticed a few grains on the list. Grains aren ’ t technically “ keto ” supporting foods. But, the carbohydrates are low enough that if you aren ’ triiodothyronine hard-and-fast keto this could fit great into a more flexible keto diet. normally, this is called a “ low-carb ” diet alternatively of “ keto ”. If you want a 100 % grain-free pizza crust, look to Real commodity Foods Chicken Pizza or Real Good Foods Cauliflower Crust Pizzas. We ’ ll be doing a review comparing all three of the first gear carb pizza crusts soon, so stay tuned for that !

Real Good Foods Superfood Crust Pizza Flavor Options:

real thoroughly Foods has four different pizza options right now… and they actually sell a 2-pack of the crust merely. We inaugural made our own pizza using this crust .

  • Margherita
  • White Truffle & Mushroom
  • Pepperoni 
  • Crust Only (2 pack)


The serving size on all of the Real Good Foods Superfood Crust Pizzas is a generous one-half of a pizza. however, I ’ thousand wholly meet with merely a quarter of a pizza then for me, this drops all the nutrition information below in half immediately. I like to pair my draw pizza with a salad of leafy greens, shaved almonds, avocado drizzled with MCT petroleum, salt, and pepper. half of a actual dependable Foods pizza is 270 calories which is amazing, adipose tissue 14 gigabyte, 380 milligram sodium, entire carbs 17 gravitational constant ( 3 g fiber ), 14 net carbs, 16 thousand protein. Some of the ingredients are broccoli, cheese, rice, and sorghum flour. Following nonindulgent keto, this may not be your darling but on a low-carb diet, this would work well. It besides contains testis, almond flour, avocado, kale, and peas. indeed many veggies are in this margarita pizza crust. Sometimes it ‘s hard for finical kids to eat veggies, but this is a furtive way to do get some in ! nutrition facts vary across different pizza types. The white truffle is very similar to this one. Pepperoni has a few more calories which are expected because there ‘s meat. But the crust entirely for the same service size is 150 cal, 7 gigabyte adipose tissue, 8 guanine protein, and 11 net carbs. here are the basic nutriment facts as of today for all of Real Good Foods Superfood Crust Pizzas :


270 Calorires, 14 thousand Fat, 16 thousand Protein, 14 gravitational constant net Carb

White Truffle:

270 Calories, 15 gigabyte Fat, 18 deoxyguanosine monophosphate Protein, 15 gigabyte web Carb

Pepperoni (uses uncured pepperoni):

340 Calories, 20 g Fat, 19 deoxyguanosine monophosphate Protein, 16 gravitational constant net Carbs

Crust Only Option:

150 Calories, 7 deoxyguanosine monophosphate Fat, 8 gigabyte Protein, 11 g net Carb


real adept Foods Superfood Crust has a 15 minute cook time, a nice crisp edge, and holds its form well. So the texture ’ s on charge. It ‘s got a in truth good overall combined relish … tastes like a margarita pizza you ’ d catch at your front-runner local public house. I very like that this crust in truth holds up. I like a pizza that you can pick up to eat and it ‘ll hold its shape while you ‘re enjoying it. Did n’t have to twist our branch to try this one ! now lets talk about some of the competitors, starting with a cauliflower crust called Caulipower.

The Competition:

In our free FaceBook support group, we have a fortune of followers that post this future competing cauliflower crust … a lot .

Cali’flour Foods Crust


I looked at the nutriment facts and wow… now I understand why so many people are thrown off by eating this ! But still is a popular brand that a lot of people buy. The suffice size is the same – half of one pizza. The Cali’flour Foods Crust has 340 calories, 12 gravitational constant fatten, 520 gigabyte sodium, and 49 deoxyguanosine monophosphate full carb, of which lone 3 g are fiber. That ‘s truly a LOT of carbs to consume… room over where you ’ d want to be eating either on keto or on a low-carb diet .


Ingredients are found on the side of the box. It ‘s crucial to know that the tilt of ingredients will constantly be in the order of quantity with the inaugural one making up the most. There ‘s cauliflower, brown rice flour, rice flour, urine, corn starch, tapioca starch, sunflower vegetable oil, testis, oil, sugar, baking powder, xanthan gingiva, yeast, sauce, tomatoes, cheese, parmesan, and basil. so where are those carbs coming from ? Within the first three ingredients… two of those listed are a type of carbohydrate. now, this pizza is a better choice than a convention pizza out there, but its not super keto-friendly unless you have a actually small slice. Our teens will get to finish off this one cause we don ’ thyroxine want to eat that many carbs .


Cali’flour Foods cauliflower crust has a 10 min fudge time. This is the thin and soft in the texture of the three. We had to leave this one on the baking tabloid because it ‘s sol delicate we could n’t get it off when it first came out of the oven. It looks like after it ’ second cooled about 5 min it is firming up better. The cut of pizza itself is limp when holding it. There ‘s a wyrd spirit to this one too… about alcohol-like in taste, or possibly more of a yeast relish. I ‘m not very sure how to describe the odd season we ‘re tasting. Its like the crust was made with a beer batter. Looking at the component list again, I ‘m not in truth sure where the taste is coming from. possibly from the basil and testis whites ? Neither of us are a sports fan of this season. now onto the third base and final examination pizza crust reappraisal .

Caulipower Foods Crust


This final brand is the Caulipower Foods Cauliflower Crust. This one has a fortune fewer ingredients and besides has a lot fewer final carbs. This is actually the lowest carb opton of all three of these pizza crusts ! With cauliflower, mozzarella tall mallow, egg white, garlic, basil, and then toppings consisting of sauce, basil, spices, tomatoes and things like that … this is a reasonably basic or normal in their pizza toppings. It ‘s got 8 g final carbs, 250 calories in a one-half pizza which is still the serving size. 16 gravitational constant fat, 8 gram total carbs, 18 guanine of protein. So the overall fat to protein ratio is pretty bad on this pizza. We have had this one earlier .


Caulipower Foods Crust have a 15 min cook fourth dimension. This seems to be a more dense pizza, but it ‘s besides limp to hold. This one is chewy tastes like a traditional freeze pizza. It ‘s not badly, the crust good lacks some depth in flavor… Wouldn ’ triiodothyronine choose this one. And the winner of the keto pizza crust challenge is … .. substantial dependable FOODS SUPERFOOD CRUST ! ! The spirit, texture, ingredients, and smack all very came together for this to be our favorite. Although it was n’t the lowest carb count of the three ( it took second ), we were looking for that authentic pizza know to guide our decision. This one wo n’t feel like you ‘re sacrificing or like it ‘s “ diet ” food. real good Foods Superfood Crust Pizza will make staying on keto and having your favorite foods EASY. clear win on this one for us !

Where To Purchase Real Good Foods Superfood Crust Pizzas

We do n’t want to be the only ones to enjoy pizza night. Are YOU ready to try the Whole Body Living Pizza Crust Review WINNER ? !

read/write head on over to their web site and suction stop on the “ Online Store Locator ”. If there ’ s nothing near you, you can order online and mix and match all the unlike pizza crusts they have. Be sure and practice coupon code TARAKETO for 15 % off your purchase. Click here or use TARAKETO on your order to save 15 % off !

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