Healthy Sandwich Ideas (Mix & Match!)

I ’ m back with another mix & match recipe military post, this time all about healthy sandwich ideas ! From pita wraps and fried egg sandwiches to banh nautical mile and lemony chicken salad, you ’ ll have enough of inspiration for tasty lunches. ?
I love blend & match recipes because they ’ re so flexible and easy. You can customize them based on what you have around ! If you missed my other desegregate & match recipe posts, check them out : Mix & Match Healthy Smoothie Recipes, Easy Overnight Oatmeal Recipes, Avocado Toast Recipes, and Mix & Match Grain Salad Bowl Recipes !
Sandwiches are the ultimate portable lunch. They ’ ra easy to pack for school or work, they can be superintendent fill and healthy, and they ’ ra beyond slowly to make. But they can get pretty bore, excessively, if you ’ re merely tossing turkey and cheese between two slices of bread every day. That ’ mho where this mix & match formula comes in handy. The combinations are endless, but check out some of my front-runner creative sandwich ideas at the conclusion of the post !
Mix & Match Healthy Sandwich Ideas

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Healthy Sandwich Recipes for Lunch

first, let ’ s go over the steps ( with ingredient inspiration ! ) for how to put together a fabulous sandwich !

Start with Bread

The base to any sandwich is the bread ! I like switching it up between sliced bread, pita pockets, and wraps to keep things interesting. When you ’ re shopping for boodle, make certain you pick up one that ’ mho labeled 100 % whole pale yellow ( unless you need gluten free boodle, of run ) – breads labeled barely “ whole grain ” or “ multigrain ” or “ wheat ” are much time largely refined white flour with merely a few whole grains thrown in .
Mix & Match Healthy Sandwich Recipes - whole wheat bread, pita and wraps

Add Sandwich Condiments

Changing up condiments is a bang-up way to add tons of season to your sandwiches without getting bored. I like to add condiments that provide lots of nutritional value and/or pack a long ton of flavor into a small amount. greek yogurt, hummus, and guacamole add creaminess while besides packing in protein and healthy fats, so they ’ rhenium my go-to when I want something creamy and comforting. Dijon mustard is my confidential component for adding tons of relish to sandwiches with just a small jet – but I love hot sauce and sriracha, excessively !
Mix & Match Healthy Sandwich Recipes - Condiments and sauces

Load the Sandwich Up With Veggies

Veggies add satisfy volume, texture, flavor, and of path nutrients to the mix. When my sandwich is piled high, it constantly feels like then much more food and is satiating. I add in whatever fresh veggies I have on handwriting – but my favored staple for sandwiches is broccoli coleslaw ! It adds such great crunch and tons of volume, while soaking in all the other flavors in the sandwich .
Mix & Match Healthy Sandwich Recipes - Vegetable ingredients

Add Protein

Protein is the key to making any sandwich filling. I like to keep the protein view childlike, so I can play around with other playfulness flavors based on what I have about ! Sliced turkey, canned tuna, and pulled rotisserie chicken are some of my go-to kernel options. Beans are great plant-based protein sources for wraps and pitas ( they tend to fall out of sandwiches on slit bread, though, unless you mash them ), and eggs are fantastic for breakfast sandwiches ( or sandwiches at any meal, let ’ s be honest ! ) .
Mix & Match Healthy Sandwich Recipes - Protein ingredients

Finish with Fun Sandwich Toppings

here ’ sulfur where you can in truth make your sandwich stand out. Fun toppings can be anything from flavorful tall mallow, spices, and fresh herb to pickles, nuts, apple slices, or bacon. I like to think of these playfulness toppings as accessories – after I fill my sandwich with the staples like protein, veggies, and healthy condiments, I accessorize with things that add excess flavor and texture to keep things interesting ! Check out some of my front-runner sandwich combinations below for how to put it all together .
Mix & Match Healthy Sandwich Recipes - Fun Toppings
now, on to the healthy sandwich ideas ! You could make endless sandwiches with this formula, but here are a few of my favorites :
( hale pale yellow pita + hummus + spinach, cucumbers, and tomatoes + pulled rotisserie chicken + feta tall mallow )
Mediterranean Chicken Pita Wrap

Turkey, Apple & Cheddar Sandwich

( solid pale yellow bread + hummus + boodle + sliced turkey + apple slices & cheddar tall mallow. Or try gouda to mix it up ! )
Healthy Sandwich Ideas - Turkey Apple Cheddar Sandwich

Healthier Tuna Salad Sandwich

( whole wheat pita + Greek yogurt & dijon mustard assorted with tuna + spinach, broccoli coleslaw & tomato + canned tuna + feta tall mallow. Guacamole or hummus are besides big interracial with tuna if you ’ five hundred preferably ! )
Healthier Tuna Salad Sandwich

Mexican Black Bean Wrap

( whole pale yellow or corn tortilla + guacamole + lettuce & tomato + black beans + cheddar cheese – whole or grated )
Healthy Sandwich Ideas - Vegetarian Mexican Black Bean Wrap

Fried Egg & Veggie Sandwich

( unharmed wheat bread + guacamole + spinach & tomato + fried egg )
Fried Egg and Veggie Sandwich

Curried Chickpea Salad Wrap

( solid pale yellow envelop + Greek yogurt & dijon mustard + spinach + chickpeas + dress powder & diced red onion )
Curried Chickpea Salad Wrap

Healthier Chicken Salad Sandwich

( whole wheat bread + Greek yogurt & dijon mustard + lettuce + pulled rotisserie chicken + chopped walnuts & diced red & green onions. You can besides add some slice grapes for an supernumerary spirit boost ! )
Healthy Chicken Salad Wrap
( whole pale yellow wrap + Greek yogurt ( or mayo, if you prefer ! ) + lettuce & tomato + sliced turkey + bacon )
Turkey BLT Wrap

Caprese Egg Sandwich

( whole wheat bread + spinach & tomato + scrambled egg + fresh basil & mozzarella )
Healthy Sandwich Ideas - Caprese Egg Sandwich

Chicken “Banh Mi” Sandwich

( whole wheat boodle + sriracha + cucumber & shredded carrot & broccoli coleslaw + pulled rotisserie chicken + fresh coriander & pickled cayenne )

Chicken Banh Mi Sandwich

Looking for more healthy sandwich ideas ? here are a pair creative/out of the box ideas :
What are your favorite sandwich combinations ?

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