Wanna Get Paid to Be Healthy? Download Any of These 17 Apps!

Are you using these free apps to get rewarded for eating healthy, walking, taking the stairs instead of the elevator....? Tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what you see ? wish there was a manner you could motivate yourself to exercise, eat better, and do all the things that make you healthier ? well, there is ! When it comes to doing things that make us healthier and happier – whether it ’ s losing system of weights, exercising more, or cleaning up our diet – we all struggle with motivation.

There ’ s one thing though that can be a huge motivate factor for most people – money. According to a report by the American College of Physicians, money is an incredibly effective incentive for exercising. After all, who doesn ’ thyroxine want to make a bite of extra cash ?
well, nowadays you can actually get paid to be healthy .
There are apps out there that reward you for doing healthy things – walking more, working out, eating better, taking the stairs alternatively of the elevator, etc .
These rewards can be incredibly motivating and keep you on track with your health and fitness goals .
You make money and get healthier. It ’ s a win-win !
here we go…

1. Pact

arguably the most celebrated app that pays people to get healthy is Pact .
It ’ s an app that rewards you for getting fit and staying healthy .
The app is extremely childlike to use. You merely make a weekly health finish, which is called a Pact. This goal can be anything related to health and fitness .
If you meet your goal, then you earn money from other users that didn ’ t stick with their treaty. Advertisements

however, if you fail to stick with your Pact, then you lose money .
On average, people who use the app earn between $ 0.30 and $ 5 per week .

Where to install it:

  • Pact app for iOS
  • Pact app for Android

2. GOODcoins

Another app that rewards you for being healthy is GOODcoins .
With this app, you can earn rewards for things like running and motorbike .
You can use your points to buy stuff at the GOODcoins shop or you can donate them to charity rather .

Where to install it:

  • GOODcoins app for Android
  • GOODcoins app for iOS

3. Charity Miles

With the Charity Miles app, you get healthier and earn money for a thoroughly lawsuit .
You earn money for charity by bicycle, walking and running .
You get between 10¢ and 20¢ per nautical mile .
The money you earn is donated to one of the charities that Charity Miles works with, like Habitat for Humanity and Stand Up to Cancer .

Where to install it:

  • Charity Miles app for iOS
  • Charity Miles app for Android

4. Fit Crown

If you ’ re looking for apps that pay you to exercise, then consider downloading Fit Crown .
Fit Crown makes exercising a small more fun, and rewards you in the process .
It works in a like way to Pact .
With your friends or other users, you can join practice challenges. You each put some cash into the virtual batch. You then log your miles using a fitness app, like Run Keeper .
If you pass the challenge, then you get paid a part of what ’ mho in the pot, and if you don ’ triiodothyronine, you lose the money that you put in. basically, you make a stake with yourself .
It adds a decent competitive edge to fitness !

Where to install it:

Visit Fittcrown.com, click the “ sign in ” yellow journalism on the top correctly of the screen door, then augury in using one of these apps :

  • Run Keeper
  • MapMyFitness
  • Strava

5. We Fitter

With this fitness tracker app, you get paid to walk or run .
so, if you ’ re looking to get back into running, and improve your cardio seaworthiness degree, then you should decidedly give it a try on .
This app synchronize with other fitness apps, like RunKeeper, Nike+, Google Fit, and MapMyFitness .
When you run, walk or participate in any exercise in general, you earn points .
You can redeem these points for goods, like healthy food and sports gear, from the We Fitter web site .

Where to install the app:

  • We Fitter app for Android
  • We Fitter app for iOS

6. Achievemint

If you want to get paid to be healthy, then you should decidedly check out Achievemint .
It ’ s an iPhone app that pays you to do a variety of health and fitness activities, like walk, logging your calories, sleep, working out, and weighing yourself .
You can besides get paid for sharing health focused Tweets and for participating in surveys and research .
All you need to do is track your health and fitness activities .
It ’ s compatible with a overplus of democratic fitness apps and devices, like Moves, Fitbit, and MyFitnessPal .
In return, you earn points. 10,000 points are worth $ 10 .

Where to install the app:

  • Achievemint app for iOS

7. Earthmiles

When you fly, you earn tune miles, so why not earn them for walking ?
That ’ s the basic premise of the Earthmiles app. Every time you walk, run or cycle, you earn rewards .
Sync your Earthmiles account with a fitness app, like MapMyFitness, Jawbone, Fitbit or Moves. Earthmiles gets data about your motion directly from these apps and rewards you consequently .
The more you move the more rewards you will earn .

Where to install it:

  • Earthmiles app for iOS
  • Earthmiles app for Android

8. HealthyWage

Wan na get paid for losing consider t ?
If you do, then you should download HealthyWage. It is a challenge-focused app that gives you cash prizes for losing system of weights .
once you download it and set up an account with HealthyWage, you need to have a affirm weigh-in .
then, as with the Pact app above, you set yourself a finish to lose a specific sum of system of weights in a certain time frame .
therefore, that might be “ fall back 3 pounds in one workweek ” .
You place a count using your own money. If you hit your target slant loss, then you win the bet and you get paid. If you don ’ thymine meet your goal, you lose the money .
It ’ s a capital manner to keep yourself motivated !
You can choose to get your reward in the form of cash via PayPal or Amazon credit .

Where to install it:

  • HealthyWage app for iOS
  • HealthyWage app for Android

9. Walgreens Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices

Update : Walgreen has replaced Walgreens Balance Rewards with myWalgreens.

Another serve that you should decidedly check out if you ’ re looking to get healthier and earn a little cash in the process is the Walgreens Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices .
This service is part of the Walgreens ’ Balance Rewards broadcast .
You sign up for a Walgreens account and a Balance Rewards Membership. then, you connect a seaworthiness tracking app, like MyFitnessPal, to log your activeness .
You can besides log your activeness manually if you don ’ thyroxine want to use a fitness tracker .
When you track your health and fitness activities, you earn Balance Reward Points. You can convert these into credit that you can use at Walgreens .
This is a great way to save money at Walgreens specially if you are a frequent shopper of this drug store .
The chief way that you earn money through the app is by walking. The more steps you take, the more Balance Rewards points you ’ ll gain .
other ways to earn money through the app include tracking your blood coerce, sleep, weight and blood glucose levels .

Where to install it:

Sign up for a Balance Rewards membership here, and then connect an app or device, like :

  • Run Keeper
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Misfit

10. Bitwalking

If you want to get paid fair for walking, then Bitwalking is the app for you .
With it, you can make money from walking .
Every fourth dimension you track your steps with the app, you earn Walking Dollars that you can spend at the Bitwalking store .
It ’ s that simple !
It ’ s a reputable app that ’ south been featured by long-familiar media outlets, like Forbes, BBC, and Wired .

Where to install it:

  • Bitwalking app for Android

11. WellCoin

With WellCoin, when you make goodly choices, big or small, and log them through the app, you ’ re rewarded with WellCoins
Points can be redeemed for intersection discounts .
This app can sync with other fitness apps and devices, like Fitbit, RunKeeper and Strava .

Where to install it:

  • WellCoin app for iOS
  • WellCoin app for Android

12. Bounts

Bounts is a fitness reward app. With it, you can set up fitness challenges and gain rewards for completing them .
Rewards include vouchers, sports commodity and exclusive experiences .
You can earn rewards for things like running and walk-to, or for checking in at a gymnasium that partners with the app .
Bounts links up with seaworthiness tracking apps like RunKeeper and devices like Fitbit .

Where to install it:

  • Bounts app for iOS
  • Bounts app for Android

13. FitCoin

FitCoin differs to many of the early apps on this list. Rather than rewarding you with cash, points, discounts or products, FitCoin gives you Bitcoins. sol, if you ’ re looking to start collecting them, then you should decidedly try out this app .
If you do about any health or seaworthiness refer action, like walking or going to the gymnasium, then you earn BitCoins .
The app is actually easy to use excessively. You plainly need to create an account and then use a exercise tracker to track your workouts .

Where to install it:

  • FitCoin app for iOS

14. DietBet

Another app that works in a like manner to Pact and Fit Crown is DietBet .
The app claims to have helped more than 150,000 people to lose weight, and win more than six million dollars in the summons ! In fact, the app states that 96 % of the people that use it misplace weight .
With the app, you can set up or join a weight loss challenge or game as they are referred to .
then, you merely place a count on yourself to lose weight, along with a group of early users. If by the end of the game, you achieve your target weight passing, you get a parcel of the potentiometer. If you don ’ triiodothyronine, then you lose the cash that you put in .
You get to choose between two games types:

  • Kickstarter: With this game, you need to lose 4% of your weight within four weeks.
  • Transformer: With this game, you need to lose 10% of your weight within six months.

According to DietBet, its users take home $ 58 on median .
It ’ s a truly reputable app that has been featured by a count of well-known media outlets, like the Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post and the New York Times .

Where to install it:

  • DietBet app for iOS
  • DietBet app for Android


HiMOTIV motivates you to be more active. With the app, you monitor your seaworthiness activities using other fitness apps or a wearable device, like a Fitbit .
then, you earn HiMOTIV points for walk, running, cycling and many early physical activities .
You earn points for these activities. Just for signing up, you get 100 points .
Points can be redeemed for discounts for diverse brands and retailers .
Unlike the early apps and services on this number, HiMOTIV is designed for employers looking to get a healthy, and consequently, more motivated and productive work force. Using it, employers can set up healthy corporate challenges .

Where to install it:

  • Visit the website and log in. ‎

16. Higi

In 2013, Earnit, as service that allowed users to earn points for their fitness efforts, was acquired by Higi. Higi now features an app that rewards you for being healthy .
With the Higi app, you earn rewards for tracking a kind of health and fitness activities .
You can track your activity by using a fitness tracking application. alternatively, you can visit a Higi Station .
Higi has health tracking kiosks, called Stations, located in a variety of places in the United States .
Using the map on the Higi app, you can locate a station in your area .
When you track your health and fitness at these stations, or with an app you earn points .
There are besides challenges that you can join to get supernumerary motivation and prizes .

Where to install it:

  • Higi app for Android
  • Higi app for iOS

17. Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse is another employee wellbeing solution like HiMOTIV .
It helps to create healthier and more productive work force. Employers can sign their employees up for the program and they ’ ll earn reward miles .
These reward miles can be traded for give cards .
This plan is merely open to people that work for Virgin .

Where to install it:

  • Virgin Pulse app for iOS
  • Virgin Pulse app for Android

Bonus: Swagbucks

Swagbucks doesn ’ t immediately reward you for working out. But, it does provide a overplus of useful fitness videos that can help you to improve your health .
And, if you watch these videos, Swagbucks will reward you with points .
You can then use these points to get endowment cards for well-known merchants like Amazon or even for cash via PayPal .
And Swagbucks will even give you a free $ 5 bonus fair for joining .

Bottom line

Losing weight, improving your cardiovascular seaworthiness level, getting more flexible and just getting fitter and healthier, in general, is difficult.

But using incentives is a bang-up way to get yourself motivated .
indisputable, for a lot of people, just getting healthier is enough of an bonus to keep them going .
For the lie of us, getting paid for fitness is an amazing room to not lone get fit and healthy but earn a few bucks in the process, making the whole summons that much more fun .

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