SmartPoints® guide to McDonald’s, Subway & Greggs

At WW we ’ re all about exemption and flexibility – which means you can lose slant while eating the foods you love. Yes, even McDonald ‘s ! right now, we ’ re on a mission to prove the flexibility and liveability of the WW plan, by creating a series of articles dedicated to eating out and staying on traverse. first, we gave you a SmartPoints®-friendly Nando ’ second menu and showed you how to enjoy a three course meal at the fabled home of Peri-Peri chicken for fair 10-11 SmartPoints on green and 9-10 SmartPoints on Blue and Purple. then, we gave Wagamama the SmartPoints discussion – hello steamed chicken gyoza and a comforting bowl of chicken ramen.

But what if you don ’ t have time for a model down meal ? If you ’ re on the proceed and need a quick fix in the form of fast food, read our handy SmartPoints ( SP ) guides to three of your favored fast food chains : McDonald ‘s, Subway and Greggs .


We’re lovin’ it! Our top choice…
Coming in at 9SP on Green and 8SP on Blue and Purple, we ’ re big fans of the Sweet Chilli Grilled Chicken Wrap and the Garlic Mayo Grilled Chicken Wrap. McDonald’s burgers
If you ’ re in the temper for a hamburger, keep it classic with a Mcdonald ‘s Cheeseburger for 10SP on all plans ( double up for 15SP ) or choose a McChicken Sandwich for 11SP on Green, Blue and Purple. A quarter Pounder with Cheese and a Big Mac are both 17SP on all plans. McNuggets
Everyone loves a wimp nugget ! A box of six McNuggets will set you back 7SP and three Chicken Selects are 9SP on all plans. TRY THESE: Quick, easily and goodly chicken recipes McDonald’s sides
Whether you fancy them on the side with a burger or wrap or to enjoy on their own, a belittled pocket of fries is 7SP, a medium cup of tea is 10SP, or go big for 14SP on Green, Blue and Purple. If you ’ rhenium running low on dailies or don ’ t want to tap into your weeklies, the carrot bag, apple & grape fruit base and shaker side salad are all 0 SmartPoints. McDonald’s desserts
If you need a dulcet fix, miniskirt McFlurrys are reasonably gloomy on SmartPoints. A miniskirt Oreo or Crunchie McFlurry is 7SP and a miniskirt Cadbury Dairy Milk McFlurry is 8SP on all three plans. If you club a regular size, the Oreo is 13SP and the Crunchie and Dairy Milk are 15SP each on Green, Blue and Purple. McDonald’s breakfast
If you flew out the door without breakfast this good morning, you can pick up a sausage and Egg McMuffin for 13SP on Green and 11SP on Blue and Purple, a hashish brown for 4SP and a regular white coffee for 1SP on all three plans .


We love the Strawberry & Granola Yogurt for 7SP ( Green, Blue and Purple ), Greek-style yogurt drizzled with strawberry compote and topped with granola, seeds and almonds. Or, how about the Simply Creamy Oats Porridge for 9SP ( Green, Blue and Purple ) ? If you ’ re hush shaking off sleep, a regular cappuccino will cost you 3SP on all plans. TRY: Our popular overnight oats recipe

Our top choice for a goodly lunch is the Roast Chicken Salad Sub Roll for 9SP on Green and 8SP on Blue and Purple. The Tuna Crunch Baguette is besides democratic with our members, which comes in at 12SP on Green and 11SP on Blue and Purple. Or, if you ’ re simply in the temper for overact and cheese, the Ham and Mature Cheddar Cheese Toastie is 14SP on all three plans. Prefer soup or salad for lunch ? The Feta & Slow Roasted Tomato Pasta Salad is 12SP on all plans, the Oriental Chicken & Sticky Rice Salad is 11SP ( Green ) and 9SP ( Blue and Purple ) and Cream of Tomato Soup is besides 9SP across all three plans. good to know : the Three Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza Slice is 20SP on all plans. Try these 9 pizza recipes for less than 12SP. Bakes
Unsurprisingly, Greggs Sausage Roll is the top tracked token at this popular debauched food chain. It ’ ll set you back 13SP, although if you go for the Vegan Sausage Roll the SmartPoints measure drops to 11 across all three plans. If you ’ re going for a bake rather, the Steak Bake is 14SP, the Chicken Bake is 15SP and the Cheese & Onion Bake is 17SP on Green, Blue and Purple. Confectionary
Our members love a Greggs Gingerbread Man, and at 8SP on all three plans it can either sit within your dailies, or you can tap into your weeklies. The Jam Doughnut is 10SP and a Yum Yum is 13SP on all plans, although if you ’ rhenium running low on SmartPoints your best count may be the Gluten Free Mini Triple Belgian Chocolate Brownie for 5SP on Green, Blue and Purple. TRY: These SmartPoints-friendly chocolate dessert recipes


All SmartPoints values are for six-inch subs. Breakfast subs
Out and about for breakfast ? If you ‘re looking for a first gear SmartPoints option, the Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sub on italian White Bread is 7SP Green and 6SP Blue and Purple. Or on 9 Grain Wheat Bread it ‘s 9SP Green and 8SP Blue and Purple. Nice ! The Bacon Breakfast Sub on italian White Bread or 9 Grain Italin Bread is 8SP on all three plans, and the Mega Melt Breakfast Sub on italian White Bread is 14SP on Green and 12SP on Blue and Purple, or on 9 Grain White Bread it’s 16SP on Green and 14SP on Blue and Purple. Subs
Skinless wimp front is a tilt protein, and makes a great choice both at home and out & about. At Subway, the Chicken Breast Low Fat Sub on italian White Bread or 9 Grain Wheat Bread is 7SP Green and 6SP Blue and Purple. same goes for the Chicken Tikka Low Fat Sub on italian White Bread ( although the Chicken Tikka Low Fat Sub on 9 Grain Wheat Bread goes up to 7SP on Blue and Purple ). The Turkey Breast & Ham Low Fat Sub on italian White Bread for 7SP on Green and 6SP on Blue and Purple is another good shout. If you get this submarine with the 9 Grain Wheat Bread, the SmartPoints on Green remain the same but increase to 7 on Blue and Purple. The Tuna Regular Sub on italian White Bread is 9SP on all three plans or on 9 Grain Wheat Bread the SmartPoints increase to 10SP on Green, and the Vegan Regular Sub on italian White Bread or 9 Grain Wheat Bread is 11SP all on three plans. cheese and toasted ? Add 2SP across all plans for the cheese.

Don ’ triiodothyronine forget the dress ! here ’ s a quick number of our darling sauces and their SmartPoints values across all three plans ( based on a serving size of 21g ) :

  • Ranch Dressing 1SP
  • Light Mayonnaise 2SP
  • Low Fat Sweet Onion Sauce 2SP
  • Low Fat Honey Mustard Sauce 2SP
  • Chipotle Southwest Sauce 3SP

Salads not feeling something bready ? Subway salads are ace low in SmartPoints : the Chicken Breast Salad, The Chicken Tikka Salad and the Turkey Breast & Ham salad are all 2SP on Green and 1SP on Blue and Purple. The Tuna Salad is 4SP on Green and 2SP on Blue and Purple, and the Vegan Salad is 5SP all on three plans .

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