Men’s Health Awareness Month 2021 – Senior Living & Nursing Homes In Indiana

The month of June is Men’s Health Month, according to the Men’s Health Network, a non-profit educational organization made up of physicians, researchers, public health workers, health professionals and individuals. The constitution was formed in 1992 by a group of health professionals and key think leaders, all concern in improving the health and wellbeing of men and boys .
The goal of Men ’ s Health Month is to promote awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease. The calendar month provides an opportunity for healthcare professionals, public policy makers, media and individuals to encourage men and boys to seek aesculapian advice and early treatment for injuries and diseases .
According to the Centers for Disease Control ( CDC ), men die at higher rates than women from the top 10 causes of death, which include heart disease, cancer, injuries, stroke, suicide and HIV/AIDS. One of the reasons for this is that women are more likely to visit the doctor for annual examinations and preventive services. In fact, research shows that early signs of cancer in men are frequently missed – approximately 34,000 men in the United States die each year from prostate cancer. On average, men die about five years younger than women. By the age of 100, women outnumber men eight to one .
Men’s Health Month is celebrated across the nation with screenings, health fairs, media appearances, and other health department of education and outreach activities. The Men ’ s Health Network coordinates dozens of corporate, politics, religious and fraternal activities across the nation.
The workweek of June 13th leading up to Father ’ south Day is considered National Men ’ s Health Week. The CDC uses this week to promote changes in life style among men, like quitting smoke, exercising frequently and eating fitter, getting more sleep, finding low-cost healthcare and seeing a sophisticate for regular checkups and physicals. Having a physical is specially important because many dangerous conditions do not have any symptoms. regular checkups can help diagnose issues before they become serious.

Use this week to schedule that doctor appointment you or your loved one may have been putting off. Start a new exercise platform, like american english Senior Communities ’ New Energy Wellness, or flush equitable introduce more veggies into your diet. Feeling goodly and taking care of yourself is sol important to your quality of life sentence .
For extra resources on Men ’ s Health, inflict Men ’ s Health Month, and the Men ’ s Health Network .
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