What is a Modified Milk Ingredient?

milk. Close your eyes and think about the last ad for milk you saw on television receiver .
Are you picturing :
Babybel Cheese Package

  • Happy cows smiling at the camera?
  • Pastoral scenes?
  • Phrases like “pure” and “wholesome”?

dairy companies know that consumers yearn for “ the rural countryside, a space implied to be healthier, both morally and hygienically ”. We want to be reassured our milk is fair like it used to be ; clean from the cow. We know it ’ s not ( and in fact it ’ second illegal to sell in such a state ), but thanks to some cagey marketing, people connect milk with basic nutriment and natural good .

“ Milk has farseeing been synonymous with wholesome, fundamental nutriment, and for good argue : unlike most of our foods, it is actually designed to be a food ”
– Harold McGee, in On Food and Cooking

In Canada, how milk is collected, pasteurized, and fortified is spelled out by hard-and-fast laws. One might think these controls would spill over to other dairy products, but with the exception of butter, it ’ sulfur just not the case .
Pull out the dairy products from your electric refrigerator and you ’ re likely to find cream “ cheese ”, cheddar, and internal-combustion engine cream made with “ modified milk ingredients ”. And I ’ megabyte not merely talking about those obviously processed cheese slices .
cracker barrel old cheddar cropped cracker barrel ingredients close up
As you might have guessed, modified milk ingredients are, by definition, not natural. ( Plain ‘ ole “ milk ingredients ” seem to be finely though. ) They’re chemically tampered-with components of milk that have been taken out of their natural matrix .
specifically ,

“ modified milk ingredients : any of the following in liquid, concentrated, dry, frozen or restructure form, namely, calcium-reduced skim milk ( obtained by the ion-exchange process ), casein, caseinates, cultured milk products, milk serum proteins, ultrafiltered milk, whey, whey butter, whey cream and any other component of milk the chemical state of which has been altered from that in which it is found in milk. ” – Food & Drug Regulations

Eat less cheese?

I was working at a grocery store store about 15 years ago when the price of milk shot up. The price of cheese bars seemed to double nightlong and as a cashier, I was on the receiving end of complaints from angered customers .
Over meter, the prices and the customers mellowed ( besides, the tall mallow bars got smaller ). But with prices rising, have tall mallow recipes changed to keep prices down ? According to this McGill University blog post, the answer is yes – because in Canada, there are limits to how much fluid milk can be imported, whereas imported milk ingredients are taxed less .
So, disgruntled consumers, are you eating less cheese than you were before prices rose?
Nope. While milk consumption has decreased from a 1995 high at 90 litres per person per year to 77 litres now, we ’ ve compensated by eating MORE cheese – about 2 kg more per year .
current cheese consumption : 12 kg per person per year
consumption before the recession ( 2008 ) : 12.6 kg

pulmonary tuberculosis in 1993 : 10.7 kilogram
Do you think it ’ s those “ Stop cook with cheese ! ” commercials ?
Whether it ’ second because of lower tariffs or some other argue, it ’ randomness getting more difficult to find dairy products made with milk rather of milk ingredients .
You know how I hate bread made with all sorts of eldritch additives. Call me antique, but I besides believe tall mallow should be elementary : milk, bacteria, an acid, enzymes ( rennnet ), salt .
Cream Cheese Label - Philadelphia
How do you find cheese made with real milk?

I ’ m not going to be popular with these recommendations, but these are the three shortcuts I ’ ve found that make it easier to find cheese made with real milk.
look for :

  • Organic cheese
  • Higher end (more expensive) cheeses
  • Cheeses tied to traditional cultures

Le Fin Renard Cheese
By seeking out cheese made with milk rather than modified milk ingredients, you will be feeding your body something that is actually wholesome, not just advertised that direction .
Yes, you will spend more. But do you truly need to eat a toddler ’ mho system of weights in tall mallow every year ?
It ’ randomness time to focus on choice, not measure .

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