The Best and Worst Coconut Water Brands

Coconut water can be found on every supermarket ledge in America. It ‘s considered a healthier substitute for sports drinks, more hydrate than regular water, and even a tasty ingredient to blend with your favorite liquor for a healthy-ish cocktail. Coconut body of water margaritas anyone ? While most sports drinks are full of carbohydrate and additives, coconut body of water replenishes your body with electrolytes without any extra chemicals or abnormal ingredients. That is if you ‘re buying a coconut urine brand that ‘s hush adept for you. not all coconut water system is created equal or sourced sustainably. In fact, some are downright bad for your health AND for the environment.

Next time you reach for a refreshing drink of coconut water keep these tips in mind: look for coconut water that is the least processed and silent has most of the nutrients intact. Why ? The Scientific Journal of Molecules found that coconut urine helps prevent affection attacks, can lower high blood atmospheric pressure, has serious anti-aging effects, fights free radicals which reduces cancer risks, and contains trans-zeatin which can help treat Alzheimer ‘s disease. In order to reap all of coconut water ‘s health benefits, it ‘s best to drink it in its raw form .
Because we ca n’t all crack open a fresh coconut every day, make certain the brands you ‘re buying are n’t heat-pasteurized at eminent temperatures. Some coconut water brands use heat-pasteurization to kill bacteria and extend shelf animation, but this action besides kills off most of the nutrition. There ‘s a better way to pasteurize that keeps the health benefits intact. Look for brands that use hard-hitting process rather. You ‘ll see HPP on the label .
You besides want to avoid coconut water system that has puree listed in the ingredients. The only ingredient you should see on the back of the label is coconut body of water and possibly one or two other natural additives. If you see puree, avoid it at all costs. It normally means a batch of total sugars and preservatives .

Here are the healthiest and most sustainable brands of coconut water on the market:

Harmless Harvest Harmless Organic Coconut WaterHarmless Harvest This organic coconut post envisions a populace where alimentary, fairly, organic, and healthy food are the principle rather than the exception. Harmless Harvest believes in treating their employees reasonably and sourcing the coconuts a sustainably as possible. The coconuts are sourced in Thailand using traditional agricultural methods and community-centered agrarian initiatives. No senior high school heat is involved in the pasteurization procedure either, equitable high pressure, leaving all the nutrients intact.
Harmless Harvest Organic Raw Coconut Water 16oz : $ 4.49 per bottle Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water smack Nirvana Real Coconut WaterTaste Nirvana Taste Nirvana claims it has the best taste coconut water for sale. It ‘s a kin owned operation that bottles it ‘s coconut body of water in small batches within hours of harvesting the coconuts. The taste is badly refreshing .
Run by a Thai founder and son team, Taste Nirvana employs local Thai coconut farmers. They use premium Thai Nan Ham Coconuts, which are considered to be the sweetest and most alimentary in the world. This coconut water is besides bottled in glass, making it 100 % reclaimable. taste Nirvana Real All Natural Coconut Water : $ 2.51 per bottle Vital Juice vital Young Coconut WaterVital Juice Co. Vital Juice Co adds absolutely nothing but young coconut water to it ‘s novel beverage. Their coconut water is never heated or frozen during the process of harvesting to grocery store. It ‘s leave raw, delicious, and alimentary. It can be harder to find this trade name in typical grocery stores unless you live in a major city. You can buy it in bulge on-line though. It ‘s one of the pricer coconut waters on the grocery store, but it ‘s besides one of the healthy. Vital Juice Co Coconut Water : $ 59.88 for 12 pack of 10oz bottles

Munkijo Organic Coconut Water
100 % Organic Coconut WaterMunkijo This constituent coconut water is sourced in the Philippines, the largest exporter of coconuts in the worldly concern. Coconuts from the Philippines are less sweetly than those from Thailand, making this a good option if you do n’t enjoy excessively sweat beverages. Munkijo 100 % Organic Coconut Water : $ 26.95 for a case of 12 Rebel Kitchen Coconut Water
100 % Organic Coconut WaterRebel Kitchen Rebel kitchen is one of the newest coconut water system brands to hit stores. It ‘s a U.K based brand that sources it ‘s coconut from little farms in the Philippines. They besides use non-thermal, gamey imperativeness processing rather of heat-pasteurization. like to Munkijo coconut water, it has a novel but less sweet taste than early Thai-based brands. This coconut body of water is presently only available for purchase in stores. It ‘ll be available to order from the Rebel Kitchen web site soon !
Rebel Kitchen Coconut Water : $ 4.00 per bottle

The Coconut Water Brands to Avoid:

Vita Coco Natural Coconut WaterVita Coco This brand claims it 100 % saturated but the coconut water undergo high heat-pasteurization that kills about all of the nutrients. Vita Coco besides adds sweeteners to their coconut water so it is n’t precisely “ 100 % pure ”. Steer clear from their coffee/coconut water fusion swallow. It ‘s full of carragean, an emulsifier that destroys your healthy catgut. Zico Coconut waterZico You ‘ve probably seen this coconut water brand on ace commercialize shelves. It ‘s one of the most popular brands on the commercialize. That ‘s because it ‘s manufactured by the Coca-Cola ship’s company, who ‘s a huge fan of GMO ‘s. Zico coconut water is made from a heat-pasteurized condense. If you prefer healthy coconut body of water with all of its nutrients intact, steer clearly .
Naked Juice

Coconut WaterNaked Pepsi Co This Pepsi cobalt post is involved in a classify action lawsuit for deceptive pronounce. While the name may suggest that Naked Coconut Water is pure and organic, Pepsi Co has been called out for using GMO ‘s under assumed organic label before. Whether the claims are true or not, it ‘s most decidedly heat-pasteurized, which is reason enough to avoid this product. There are so many delicious way to enjoy coconut water aside from good drinking it raw. Try adding some to your dawn smoothies, whipping up a balmy cocktail, or using it to sweeten your iced-coffee. You can even add it to curry and soups in identify of unconstipated water for more season and nutrition. here ‘s are 12 refreshing coconut water recipes to try this summer from Well + Good .

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