Natural Ways to Keep Your Hair Shiny and Healthy

Shiny, healthy hair is at the peak of most of our wish lists… along with winning the lottery and 0-calorie cake. The good news is though, that your odds of maintaining beautiful locks are much higher than hitting it big with the Powerball. Forget all of what you think you know about getting an enviable mane, and keep reading for BBE’s natural ways to keep your hair shiny and healthy.

Make hair masking a priority.

Image of a split open coconut on a white barn door background.Image of a split open coconut on a white barn door background. A lot of us forget this. But you need to take care of your haircloth, the lapp way you prioritize caring for your skin !
Glowing, beautiful skin doesn ’ thymine find overnight. And typically, healthy and bright hair doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate either. I mean, if you ’ re one of those blessed goddesses who has long flow hair’s-breadth no matter what you do to it – we salute you ! But for the rest of us who need to put in a fiddling solve, this foremost antic on our number of natural ways to keep your hair glazed and healthy is crucial.

Make a bi-weekly or monthly haircloth mask a separate of your self-care routine. now merely wait, forget running to the drugstore or your front-runner on-line beauty store for this one. What you need to make the ultimate, natural hair saver is likely already in your kitchen baby !

Easy, DIY ways for healthy and shiny hair, naturally.

You already know how much we love and adore coconut anoint. Let ’ s just say if we could bathe in this natural liquid gold, we wholly would. Depending on how dry your hair is, use an nightlong coconut anoint mask once every week or two to lock in hydration. This simple trick will help your locks come rear to life, and is direction easily to do before layer. If your haircloth international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate on the super dry side, consider only doing this once or twice a calendar month so you don ’ t end up oversaturating your hair or making it buttery .
Naturally shiny, glowing hairNaturally shiny, glowing hair

Easy Aloe Vera Hair Mask

For anyone suffer from haircloth breakage, divide ends, or an itchy, dry scalp, or greasy hair, this Aloe Vera hair disguise is for you ! Aloe Vera is naturally hydrate, angstrom well as antibacterial and soothing to irritate bark. That ’ sulfur credibly why it ’ south perfective for itchy, dry scalp that need some good moisture. Plus, its inflammatory properties will help soothe red and discomfort .
This recipe is extremely aboveboard ! Grab yourself an organic bottle of Aloe Vera gel and apply liberally all over dry, unwashed hair. Massage the aloe into your roots and scalp. Let the mask seat on hair for up to 30 minutes before washing with cool water .

The Epic Avocado Hair Mask

If you ’ ra looking for another natural DIY mask you can incorporate into your routine, look no further than the delectable so far juicy avocado .

  • 1 Avocado
  • 1 Tablespoon of Honey
  • 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil

Simply throw one in the blender, add in one tablespoon of beloved and one tablespoon of olive oil, and bang. You ’ ve got yourself a badly deep condition mask, that is barren of chemicals and wholly natural. Leave this charming concoction on for about 45 minutes, and rinse out before you start permanently smelling like guacamole .

Suck it up buttercup… cold water will make your locks shine.

Image of a woman washing her hair in the shower for a healthy and shiny mane.Image of a woman washing her hair in the shower for a healthy and shiny mane. following up on our list of natural hacks for bright and healthy hair is an old trick that hair stylists swear by. But does it truly work ?
Yes girlfriend, it surely does. Think of how it is so frequently recommended that you end your cleansing everyday with a splash of cold water to close up those screaky clean pores. Your hair’s-breadth is reasonably similar. cold water will help seal your hair carapace, which ultimately results in smooth and glazed results .
Don ’ triiodothyronine stress about standing under the shower freezing your border off. You don ’ t need laughably glacial water for this trick either. Simply finish your hair cleansing everyday with a thorough cold rinse, and get out ! Proceed with your regular hair styling everyday, and you ’ ll notice how a lot more accomplishable your locks are .

Speaking of water… get your daily recommended dose if you really want healthy hair.

Let ’ s be actual. There is not one beauty writer on planet earth who does not stress this future peak to you. But it ’ randomness because it is straight facts ! If you want goodly clamber, haircloth, animation, bank account ( you get the picture ) – you need to drink that h20 baby !
You are comprised of water. When you ’ re not hydrated, everything suffers. From your skin to dry and cracked lips, lacking in the water department is plainly not a well count. And you ’ ve guessed it : your haircloth is no different .
Dehydration stops hair increase. What ’ s more, it is in no room conducive to making your hair firm and bouncy to breakage. The more water you drink, the easier it will be for your locks to build persuasiveness and battle frizz. We should besides mention, that drinking a sufficient total of urine helps to keep your scalp healthy which is a major key in maintaining long, beautiful strands of hair .

Avoid using chemically filled dry shampoo for shiny, manageable hair.

We know how charm it is to reach for that bottle of dry shampoo when your hair is looking oilier than a fry testis and you need to make it out of the theater on clock. however, dry shampoo you pick up from the drugstore is typically not your hair’s-breadth ’ sulfur long-run BFF. here ’ s why.

First off, we need to be clear that dry shampoo does not actually clean your hair. What it does is that it absorbs excess vegetable oil with alcohol and chemically enhanced starch, making your locks appear full and bouncy. And while we know those effects sound bang-up in hypothesis, long-run use of this “ agile cleanse ” merchandise can in truth damage your scalp and hair. This is because the toxic chemicals found in this democratic product can cause major build-up on your scalp, and clog your pores .
Image of a happy BBE customer using her natural dry shampoo for healthy, shiny hair.Image of a happy BBE customer using her natural dry shampoo for healthy, shiny hair. thus what ’ s a daughter to do when she has no department of energy for a laundry and blow-dry ? Easy. Reach for a natural dry shampoo that will do wonders for your mane, and the environment. BBE ’ s natural choice is made with organic zea mays a.k.a. the corn starch that won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate harm your pretty small head. On top of that, we added in some lavender oil which does wonders for calming your scalp. not to mention, it will have your hair smelling like you literally precisely stepped out of the shower .
Dry Shampoo with Natural IngredientsDry Shampoo with Natural Ingredients
See ? Nothing to worry about. We ’ five hundred never expect you to live in a global without dry shampoo, so we went ahead and created one that is actually healthy .

For shiny, healthy hair… don’t neglect your hair brush.

Your trustworthy haircloth brush, you use her every day and credibly don ’ triiodothyronine put a lot thought into up keeping her .
Why A boar bristle brush will help you STOP washing your hair all of the timeWhy A boar bristle brush will help you STOP washing your hair all of the time We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but this everyday tool you constantly reach for can be a major breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Making it wholly counterproductive to combing through your newly washed hair, with a *pretty gross* dirty cock. basically, you ’ ll be making your hair dirty, causing you to feel like you need to wash it more often. And as we ’ ll touch on subsequently, washing your haircloth besides much is a major no no on our list of natural ways to keep your haircloth glistening and healthy .
Avoid this annoying dilemma by keeping your hairbrush clean and microbe loose by soaking it in some gentle shampoo once or doubly a calendar month. It only takes a few minutes, and your delectable locks will thank you .
Image of the BBE, detangling hair brush on a white background.Image of the BBE, detangling hair brush on a white background.

Ditch shampooing your hair so often, and your locks will shine like cray.

You ’ ve probably been told this before, and thought to yourself “ but I look like a grease ball if I skip shampooing ! ” here ’ s the mysterious. Shampoo less, and over time that greasiness will take longer to appear on your scalp. Let ’ s break this down far .
Over-washing your hair can cause some dangerous damage. It finally irritates your scalp and causes it to overproduce oil since it is constantly being stripped away from it. particularly for our fine-haired girls out there, lifeless and hitch locks are a direct slope consequence of reaching for that shampoo bottle way besides often .
here ’ s the thing. Transitioning to washing your hair once or twice a week does not have to be a painful or greasy procedure. Ok, ticket. There might be some greasiness involved, but it doesn ’ t have to drive you en ! hera are a few tips to make your journey to washing less, seamless :

Easy tips for washing that healthy, shiny hair a little less.

  1. Start by breaking down how many times a week you wash your hair. We’ll go with an extreme case here and say you lather your scalp up in the shower 4 times a week. So your short-term goal is to get it down to 3 times, then 2, then possibly one. Every scalp and hair texture is different, so you find what works for you and do you boo boo.
  2. If you’re feeling extra oily as you’re cutting down on washes, reach for your natural dry shampoo or opt for forgiving hairstyles a.k.a. the messy bun. And if you’re really in a rush, forget hair styling! Throw on a cute hat, and voilà. No one will know you’re going through a little something under there.
  3. Avoid touching and playing with your hair! This can be a bad habit for so many of us. But something as simple as touching your scalp too often can have a serious effect on how quickly it gets oily. Do however, regularly brush your hair with an of course *clean* brush to stimulate hair growth and scalp health sans oily fingertips.
  4. Use a clarifying shampoo (or your own DIY mix of apple cider vinegar) to get rid of excess build-up, and give your hair a helping hand in staying cleaner for longer.

Meme of a man in deep thought that reads "Me  trying to figure out which days to wash my hair, so it can line up with my plans".Meme of a man in deep thought that reads "Me  trying to figure out which days to wash my hair, so it can line up with my plans".

Avoid heat styling whenever you can to keep your hair at its healthiest.

once you ’ ve gotten a treat on creating the perfective washout agenda for your mane, you ’ ra well on your direction to goodly and glistening hair baby. Add in those natural yet effective hair masks, and all of the early tips and tricks above, and your locks will be in a league of their own .
Before we sign off though, this last tap on our number of natural ways to keep your hair’s-breadth glazed and healthy is superintendent all-important. Ditch the botch dry, straightener, curler, and any other heat styling tool whenever you possibly can.

It ’ s no secret that heat damage can do quite a number on even the strongest of hair strands. On top of that, it can magnify the appearance of cleave ends and make your locks look dry and brittle. And you ? Well, that ’ s obviously not what you ’ re about gorgeous. so simply cut back. If you ’ ra stay in for the night, we ’ re into that. Why not let your hair air dry rather of reaching for the blow dry ? Or, let your hair’s-breadth go astronomical unit natural and embrace your curls or waves rather of straightening them .
We decidedly understand that sometimes, heat is inevitable. And in those instances, just be sure to use a estrus protectant spray. additionally, show your hair some extra sleep together with one of those nourishing hair masks we mentioned at the beginning of this article. See ? Your hair is looking shinier and healthier already. Until following time baby, BBE loves ya < 3 . Carey

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