Pesto Pasta – with plenty of pesto sauce!

Anyone can make a Pesto Pasta, but not everyone knows how to make a  pesto pasta that ’ mho slick with plenty of pesto sauce  without adding tons of supernumerary anoint ! here ’ s how I make it .
Try this with homemade pesto. It ’ mho amaze !
Pesto pasta spaghetti on a plate, ready to be eaten

How to make a JUICY pesto pasta with pesto sauce

If you ’ ve always made pesto pasta and found that it a bite on the dry side, then tried to salvage it by adding more and more olive vegetable oil only to end up with an excessively greasy pasta, you ’ ll love the technique I ’ thousand sharing today :

Add pasta cooking water

It will thin out the pesto so it coats everything nicely and creates a glossy pesto sauce that coats every moment of pasta. The starch in the water emulsifies with the pesto, which simply means the fat in the pesto + starch in the urine thickens. Just like when you shake up salad dressings – lapp thing. ?
It ’ s the “ proper ” way to make pastas, a proficiency used in every italian family and restaurants all over the world. regular readers here are ghastly of reading about it – I write about it in every pasta recipe, from Shredded Beef Ragu to classic Bolognese, to Spaghetti Marinara !
How to make the best pesto pasta - use pasta cooking water
And THAT is the secret to making a JUICY pesto pasta that’s slick with pesto sauce without adding tons and tons of extra petroleum !
Tossing pesto pasta

Best pasta for pesto

You can make pesto pasta with any pasta your affection desires. And even in today ’ sulfur recipe video, I say to use your favorite pasta .
But I do have my preferences. My favourite is penne or ziti ( which is barely penne with a polish surface ). I find it ’ s the easiest to toss for even distribution and you get the “ juiciest ” pesto pasta .
Spaghetti and other thin ( -ish ) long strand pastas are my next favourite. I find that it ’ s not quite as easy to toss the pesto through and the more you work the pasta, the less impertinent it becomes ( though you just keep adding pasta cook water, but there ’ s alone so much you can add ) .
Twirls and other shapes with “ crevices ” rate lower precisely because there ’ s far more surface sphere so somehow, I just feel a spot pesto deprived .
Pesto Pasta ziti in a bowl, ready to be eaten

Pesto pasta tips

I say that pesto pasta is one of the simplest pasta to make, but I do have a few tips to share – lessons learned from my own mistakes !

  • Toss in a bowl, not the pot you cooked the pasta in – basil doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate like heat. It turns black. The heat from the pasta is very well – but if you add the heat from the pot, the basil won ’ thymine like it .
  • Do not toss on the stove! Again – black basil .
  • Take out 1 cup of pasta cooking water barely before you drain ( not early, otherwise it ’ s not starchy enough ). Take out way more than you think you need, you might need it. You will be surprise how much the pasta can absorb – I used 3/4 cup for 300g/10oz pasta for the spaghetti in the video ( because I kept tossing to film and it kept sucking up the sauce ! )
  • Salt the water – Pesto normally isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate ( and should not be ) seasoned adequate such that you don ’ t need to add any early salt once tossed through pasta. The best way to season Pesto Pasta is to salt the water .
  • DO NOT REHEAT leftover pesto pasta!  Again – black pesto. ? Eat at room temp – that ’ s the best you can do .

I ’ molarity sharing these tips on the premise that you ’ re using a homemade pesto ( basil or otherwise ). I actually haven ’ triiodothyronine used storehouse bought pesto enough to know if it will turn black from heat .
Fork twirling pesto pasta
These recipe steps enforce regardless of what character of pesto you are using – basil, rocket/arugula, spinach etc – there ’ s a courteous list of options in my homemade pesto recipe. The image under is a rocket/arugula and walnut pesto – I love the combination of the blue rocket and slenderly bitter walnuts .
Whatever type pf pesto you use, finishing with a courteous sprinkle of parmesan is not optional ! – Nagi x

Try these on the side

  • Caprese Salad – blue tomato and pops of bitterness from the balsamic glaze are a great match !
  • Any salad or steamed vegetables with italian Dressing or Balsamic Dressing
  • Toss some halve cerise tomatoes into the pasta, and/or a handful of spinach or rocket/arugula

And for Pasta Monsters

Close up of Rocket walnut pesto pasta in a rustic bowl, ready to be eaten

Pesto pasta
Watch how to make it

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Fork twirling pesto pasta

JUICY Pesto Pasta!



Mains, Pasta








– 4 people

Tap or levitate to scale

Recipe video above. This is how to make a great pesto pasta that’s slick with pesto sauce without adding tons and tons of oil which makes it overly oily. The secret is using the pasta cooking water – it emulsifies with the oil in the pesto which makes it cling to every strand of pasta. A technique used in every Italian household! Make this with This is how to make a great pesto pasta that ‘s slick with pesto sauce without adding tons and tons of petroleum which makes it excessively greasy. The confidential is using the pasta cook water – it emulsifies with the anoint in the pesto which makes it cling to every strand of pasta. A proficiency used in every italian family ! Make this with homemade pesto for the best flavor .


  • 1 quantity homemade pesto ( Note 1 )

  • 300 – 350 g / 10 – 12 oz pasta of choice ( ziti, penne and spaghetti are my favourites, Note 2 )

  • 2 tsp salt

  • 3/4 cup pasta cook water

  • Parmesan, for serving


  • Bring a large pot of water to the boil with the salt .
  • Add pasta and cook for the distance of time per the packet .
  • fair before draining, scoop out 1 cup of of the pasta fudge water .
  • Drain pasta in a colander, leave it for a minute.

  • transfer pasta to a bowl ( do not use pasta cook pot, besides hot ) .
  • Add pesto and 1/4 cup of pasta water. Toss to coat pasta in pesto, adding more urine if required to make pasta satiny and fresh, quite than dry and sticky .
  • taste, add more salt and pepper if desired .
  • Serve immediately, garnished with newly parmesan .

Recipe Notes:

1. Pesto – This recipe is intended for use with this – This recipe is intended for use with this homemade pesto which I besides shared today. But the same proficiency applies to store buy. If using memory bought, use 1/2 cup+. normally require less than when using homemade because they have a more concentrate season from basil extract .
2. Pasta – Ziti and penne are my favourites for pesto ( explained in post ). Spaghetti is adjacent, then early long strand pastas .

  • Use 300g/10oz for a really great coating of pesto sauce – 3 large servings, 4 smallish servings.
  • Use up to 350g/12oz for “normal” amount of pesto sauce to pasta – 4 standard servings.
  • Don’t use more pasta for one batch of homemade pesto, the pasta will lack pesto flavour.

3. General:

  • Never toss pesto pasta on a hot stove, heat will make basil black!
  • Some people like a squeeze of lemon juice to finish
  • Leftovers – store in fridge in super airtight container
  • Do not reheat leftovers – will also make basil black. Just bring to room temp then consume – pesto pasta at room temp is so good!

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