15 Travel-Friendly Breakfasts You Can Take on the Road

breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but it ’ s besides undoubtedly the most feverish. even if you had fantastic plans of waking up early to prepare the perfect Instagram-worthy bedspread of avocado crispen, chances are things didn ’ triiodothyronine pan out quite that smoothly. The following thing you know, you ’ re running out the door and fishing for that protein bar you stashed in the bottom of your gymnasium bag last week. sol much for a relax dawn. We ’ ve been there, and that ’ s why we ’ ra here to help. These breakfast recipes are easily portable, packed with relish, and arrant for anything from a good morning commute to a road stumble. Stop eating deplorable, smashed packaged bars and step your breakfast bet on up a notch. Mornings are about to get a whole set better.

The best thing about energy bites is that they ’ re wholly customizable based on what ’ s in your pantry. Want to change the spices ? Great. Add some dried fruit ? Perfect. This recipe is naturally gluten-free with options to make it Paleo or vegan, if that ’ s your thing. The lemon and blueberry jazz band makes it a summery, refreshing cover that works for breakfast, a nosh, or an after-dinner cover. The options are endless. If grain-free broil sounds intimidating, you have so far to meet these pancake muffins. They use almond flour and whole milk yogurt to create a creamy batter that you ’ ll never estimate is low-carb. You can besides use this recipe for pancakes ( hence the name “ pancake muffins ” ), so make a double batch and you ’ ve got a whole workweek of breakfasts on lock. Who needs boughten granola bars when you can make them yourself ? These gluten-free goodies are packed with superfoods like blueberries, chia seeds, and roasted nuts. The greek yogurt coating adds the arrant allude of pleasantness, so you ’ ll feel like you ’ ra eat dessert for breakfast… which sounds like solid motivation to get out of bed.

Oatmeal is a healthy breakfast basic, but it isn ’ t precisely travel-friendly. ( ever tried bringing a steaming bowl of oats in the cable car with you ? Trust us, it ’ s not reasonably. ) That ’ south why bake oatmeal is a entire game changer. Just mix all your ingredients together, bake in the oven until the edges are brown, and boom. Your oatmeal merely became a hand-held, portable meal. If you ’ re more of a savory breakfast person and inactive want something hearty, these breakfast burrito are a great way to use up all the leftover veggies in your electric refrigerator. They ’ rhenium freezer-friendly and easy to defrost in the microwave before you head out the door. And when you ’ re prepping, you can stuff as many ingredients as humanly potential inside, so you won ’ t have to worry about a mid-morning hunger attack. Tacos aren ’ thymine just reserved for Tuesday night felicitous hour. If we could eat them for every meal of the workweek, we probably would. This vegan adaptation uses chickpea flour as a substitute for eggs and lentils in place of chorizo. Wrap your greaser in can foil and freeze to make them last, then whip them out and reheat in the dawn so you can chow down on the move. Chia pudding is still trending, and for good reason—the bantam seeds pack a major nutritional punch. They ’ re full moon of character and healthy fats that will keep you satisfied until lunchtime. This translation uses freeze mango, coconut milk, and a touch of boodle ( omit if you ’ re avoiding this ), and it ’ s a fruity bracer that will last all week long. assign out into freemason jars to make the dawn hustle that much easier.

Anything that resembles a cookie is obviously worth waking up early for. And a cookie that ’ randomness legitimately full for you ? Sign us up. These babies are made with wheaten flour—or oat flour if you want to keep them gluten-free. The mysterious component making them so moist ? One cup of unsweetened applesauce. The toughest separate of baking these will be trying to avoid eating them all right out of the oven. You can fold about anything in a tortilla and make it portable, and these breakfast wraps are no exception. Prepared three unlike ways, they work specially well as a post-workout convalescence meal. Packed with gluten-free carbohydrates, healthy fats, and fiber, they ’ rhenium great for those mornings when you ’ re headed straight to work after your exercise class. Skip the chocolate denounce sandwich and bring these alternatively. If we ’ re talking about travel-friendly breakfasts, egg muffins clearly deserve a spotlight on the list. This recipe includes all of your breakfast faves : sausage, egg, hashish browns, and cheddar cheese. Add bacon or peppers if you have them on hand, and you ’ ve got an stallion meal that fits right into a muffin tin. Dreams do come dependable.

It doesn ’ t get any better than a bagel… until you stuff it with cream cheese and make it into the shape of a doughnut hole. These bagel bombs may not precisely be healthy, but if you ’ re craving bum, carby good to start out your sidereal day, this recipe can ’ triiodothyronine be beat. Get creative with the fillings and add bacon, spices, even cinnamon, boodle, or jam. Plus, your kitchen will smell like a bakery, which is honestly everything. ( Sorry, couldn ’ thymine resist. ) You won ’ t find a breakfast recipe easier than this one. All you need is overact, kale, cauliflower rice, and eggs, and you ’ ve got a protein-packed, portable Paleo meal. Sneak in those greens without even having to think about it—you could besides add whatever other veggies are left in your electric refrigerator. Just a few of these muffins in the morning are guaranteed to keep you satisfied for hours. hera ’ s another furtive way to add veggies to your dawn meal—these nightlong oats are blend with vanilla protein gunpowder, walnuts, and zucchini, and they taste just like eating zucchini bread from a mason clash. Perfect for summer mornings when you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want a hot meal, they ’ ra easy to fortune out and prepare as depart of your weekly meal homework.

Don ’ metric ton worry, Whole30-ers, we didn ’ t forget about you. precisely because you ’ rhenium dilute grains and dairy doesn ’ triiodothyronine mean your breakfast has to require a long ton of extra workplace. This freemason jar beauty has layer after layer of complex carbs and protein. Made with ground turkey, sweet potato, saute leeks, and mushrooms, it ’ s the kind of meal you dream about at night before you wake up. good matter it ’ s already prepped and ready. Get your coffee and breakfast all at once with this protein-packed nightlong oatmeal. Mason jar-friendly and ready to go, it ’ sulfur practically begging to come on the road with you. Chia seeds give it some extra healthy fatten, and crackpot or semen milk keeps it vegan. We specially love this one on mornings when you need an extra recoil to get your day going .

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