Resurge Reviews: Effective weight loss supplement? [2020 Update]

Are you struggling with obesity but can’t figure out why? Ever thought your lack of sleep could be the reason behind it? Well, John Barbaran believes so, and research does back his claims.

If you’re seeking honest Resurge reviews, look no further. In this article, we will be going in-depth with this organic dietary supplement. Launched in 2020, the product has gained significant recognition.

But will it help you lose weight? Should you choose it over other weight loss supplements in the market? What is the formula John has used in Resurge? Read on to read the detailed resurge review and choose wisely.

Resurge Review – Advantages and Disadvantages

Resurge Reviews

Resurge is a potent dietary supplement that helps lose fat by ensuring adequate sleep. Resurge works on ways to enhance sleep quality, which helps lose weight apart from other benefits.

Research by Colorado University found out that people who slept 5 hours a night every week gained 2 pounds. Indeed the number is intriguing.

Would you have thought your nocturnal lifestyle could be the reason behind that belly fat? Sleep deprivation is the primary cause of increasing appetite.

Research has well-documented that sleep deprivation can trigger hormones that regulate appetite. You’ll be surprised by various problems your lack of sleep creates. But more on that later.

Apart from focusing on this integral factor behind weight gain, Resurge also improves metabolic performances. Moreover, it uses 100% natural products, which ensures it’s risk-free to consume. More so, when the alternative is sleeping pills.

The ingredients in Resurge fixes an array of health problems, albeit slowly. Here are the significant benefits you’ll derive from Resurge supplements:

  • Fights Inflammation
  • Boosts immunity
  • Low anabolic hormones
  • Low carb intolerance
  • Fights gastrointestinal issues
  • Curbs food cravings
  • Weight loss
  • Improve mental health
  • Reduce stress

The natural ingredients used in Resurge have their standalone benefits too. And the makers of Resurge have cleverly blended them to make this formula.

Before entering into details of how it works, let’s learn the advantages and disadvantages of Resurge dietary supplement:


  • The product is GMP certified
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee so you won’t lose your money anyway
  • Made in an FDA certified lab
  • Doesn’t have any side effects, contains 100% organically derived natural products
  • Can be a valid medication for people looking to change their sleep cycle
  • Provides an array of benefits other than weight loss


  • Not recommended for children
  • Pregnant women should keep away from it
  • Won’t provide instant relief if you can’t sleep. It works only after consistent usage for a few weeks.
  • Those with chronic health conditions should consult their doctor for work recommendations

As we can see, the benefits of Resurge have overshadowed the disadvantages. But before going further, be clear that it’s not a replacement to sleeping pills.

It’s still a weight loss supplement that works on your sleep to burn fat. A lot of dietary supplements we find on the internet have little research-backed claims. Let’s see if Resurge does what it promises, or is it a scam.

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What is Resurge? Is it a Genuine Supplement?

Resurge is a recently released deep sleep formula that helps you lose weight while you’re fast asleep. The dietary supplement comes in the form of capsules, and one bottle of it lasts a month.

The Resurge 30-Day challenge claims that you’ll have guaranteed results in a month. You’ll at least lose a few pounds and start getting adequate sleep on the supplement’s consistent usage.

It also treats other factors that accompany weight gain. Fatigue, low performance, decreasing immunity, and stress are common some issues that accompany weight gain.

The pill comes in different bundles, and you can get special discounts on buying in packs of 3 and so on. It uses completely organic ingredients, so there is little to worry about prescription and side effects.

The product is vegan-friendly and gluten-free so that anybody can have it. It’s not a replacement for sleeping pills, but it repairs the sleep cycle over consistent usage.

You won’t get instant relief with Resurge, but instead, it will repair your sleep cycle for good. Ingredients like Melatonin and L-Theanine are natural relaxants.

Traditionally, supplements, as well as medications, have used Melatonin as an effective sleep regulator. Thus, the company doesn’t make fake claims about ensuring adequate sleep.

Other ingredients in Resurge act as antidepressants. The two factors work together. When you are relieved of stress, you’ll sleep better, and the quality of sleep will increase.

The supplement also works on ensuring deep sleep, which helps take the best out of sleeping hours. Some users have also reported that Resurge has helped them suppress their food cravings.

Indeed it’s a common problem. Its ingredients do have appetite-suppressing qualities, but self-control is still integral. While you can find the ingredients of Resurge in other supplements, it’s the quantity of them that is decisive.

Resurge is also approved of HGH(Human Growth Hormone) support. The product is entirely new and is just finding its footing in the industry.

Its natural ingredients and research-backed claims have urged users to give it a try. Not to forget, the money-back guarantee provides the extra surety.

Several Resurge reviews did give signs of positive changes in their sleep cycles. Word of mouth marketing has been a vital cog in Resurge’s rise as a dietary supplement in just its launching year.

Its creator Dr.John Barban though, is anything but new to the industry. John Barban has created some of the credible fitness programs like Bеllу Forever, Adonis Wоrkоut, V-Tареr Sоlutіоn, VPX Fаt Loss Sуѕtеm.

Of course, not every one of them worked out just right. But Barban hasn’t stopped his pursuit from becoming the kingpin of fitness supplement providers.

Instant profit isn’t on his agenda as much as gaining the trust of customers. His product thus has been safe so far and reasonably sufficient too.

Barban has worked with many reputed brands like Slіmԛuісk, BlueStar, Muscletech, ADS, Nutraceuticals, and other nutrition product manufacturers. He must have thus gained a leaf out of their products to create a better supplement.

He’s also a certified trainer and has done his Mаѕtеrѕ degree іn nutrition and Human Bіоlоgу. It’s a good thing for the supplement industry that such accredited names are manufacturing supplements these days.

So, the product is genuine, and you can trust its makers. But importantly, it’s the process that we need to understand and the logic behind it. We’ll learn how the deep sleep formula helps lose weight.

But before that, let’s see which organic ingredients have been used in Resurge and what benefits they provide.

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Resurge Ingredients and How Do They Work?

On investigation, we found no wasteful ingredient in Resurge. Every component provides benefits towards achieving weight loss goals as well as adequate sleep.

They have mentioned the number of ingredients on the label for clarity. We understand that they have used tiny quantities of some of the ingredients.

While these ingredients don’t have any side effects, they are also expensive. Resurge has also concentrated on reducing the costs to make it affordable for the masses in this way.

How effective they will then remain to be seen. But the results from early reviews look promising. Here are the ingredients and their quantities in Resurge pills:

  • L-Theanine – 200mg

Mushrooms and tea leaves contain this common amino acid. It is a natural stress reliever and improves sleep considerably.

Its essential purpose is to ensure a deeper sleep without disturbances. If you have the knack of waking up on slightest disturbances, you are more likely to feel sleepy even after completing 8 hours of sleep.

Apart from providing a sense of relaxation, it also increases focus. Having Resurge at the start of the day will make your work time more fruitful with better focus.

  • Hydroxytryptophan -100mg

We can already find this natural amino acid in the body, and Resurge replenishes it. The amino acid produces serotonin, which elevates mood and helps fight depressions.

It’s an effective stress reliever and also fights anxiety. Perhaps the ingredient is quite common in sleep-inducing pills. Since it makes you happier and alleviates stress, you’d sleep better and carefree.

  • Melatonin -10mg

Melatonin is the hormone that controls the sleep cycle in our body. The secretion of this hormone makes us feel sleepy.

It also regulates the time at which we would want to sleep every day. The pineal gland in our body secretes Melatonin.

The Melatonin supplement is common in instant sleep treatment. You generally use it after a shift change at work or jet lag to sleep better.

It refreshingly has minimal side effects, unlike sleeping pills that can cause brain damage over time. The compound induces a good night’s sleep faster.

  • Ashwagandha -150mg

The ancient medicinal herbs is a household name in countries like India. Ashwagandha is an essential ingredient in a host of herbal medications and supplements.

The herb makes the body calmer and alleviates stress. You sleep better when you feel better.

It also improves blood circulation and controls blood sugar, among other benefits. Moreover, the calming effect of Ashwagandha increases self-control.

It suppresses appetite and prevents you from feeling hungry all the time. As a result, you won’t overeat and eat a controlled, healthy diet. Weight loss is just an inevitable result after this.

  • Arginine – 1200mg

Another essential amino acid, Arginine, also helps alleviate stress. Arginine has medicinal uses to crucial treatments like those of Congestive Heart Failure, blood pressure, and such.

You can commonly find it in meat and poultry products like red meat, fish, etc. But since Resurge is vegan-friendly, they have derived it from plant sources. It’s an excellent way to consume Arginine for vegans in this way.

Arginine also improves blood flow by widening the blood vessels in your body. The compound also stimulates the secretion of insulin, growth hormone, and other such substances.

Increased blood flow ensures we experience reduced stress and thus eat less. Research has found out the stress can have a direct effect on our appetite. More on that later, but you understand how Arginine thus helps burn fat!

  • Lysine – 1200mg

Lysine is another amino acid that produces collagen. The human body can’t synthesize or create Lysine, but it’s quite an essential amino acid.

That is why you’ll find Lysine in a lot of supplements. Lysine also plays a role in the production of carnitine, which helps in fatty acid metabolism.

The compound helps in the transportation of fat in the body. Proper movement of fat helps remove it from the body over time.

  • Zinc -15mg

An essential trace element in Resurge pills, zinc helps increase metabolism and supports fat burning. Moreover, it is useful in absorbing nutrients found in other food in your body.

The more nutrients your body absorbs, the better it is for weight loss. It helps suppress appetite as your body feels satisfied after eating smaller amounts due to proper absorption.

The deficiency of zinc can cause severe health issues. Resurge contains zinc and magnesium to ensure proper absorption of all the benefits of the supplement too.

  • Magnesium – 50mg

Magnesium is another mineral found in trace elements in Resurge pills. Research has also found that magnesium facilitates weight loss along with proper diet and exercise.

Having proper magnesium levels in your diet lowers insulin levels in the body. It also helps with bloating and ensures adequate water retention.

Overall, coupled with all these ingredients, magnesium can go a long way in helping you lose fat while you sleep.

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Does Resurge Work for Everyone?

Resurge is quite a primitive weight loss supplement that works on regulating the sleep cycle to kickstart weight loss. Yes, it does work for everyone except children.

Pregnant women and people with severe medical conditions are also out of the equation until their doctor says yes to it. The supplement’s primary focus is improving the sleep cycle, and it works well in that respect.

As for weight loss, it’s hard to say the amount of fat you’ll lose. While improper sleep does cause weight gain, vice versa isn’t as dependable.

You may not lose as much fat with proper sleep as you’ll gain when sleeping less. It also depends on a host of factors, the most important of which is exercise.

While a good night’s sleep will make you more active and vigorous, it’s of no use if you remain sedentary. You need to understand that there’s only so much weight you can lose by using supplements.

You need to work harder than your goals. Of course, if your goals are to sleep better and lose a few pounds, you can reach them with constant usage of Resurge.

Another critical factor is the appetite suppressants included in it. Your calorie intake will surely reduce as you make it a habit to eat Resurge pills every night.

Since its ingredients are 100% natural, it is safe and will for everyone except pregnant women, children, and people having severe internal ailments.

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Shipping and Returns

You can purchase Resurge exclusively from their website. Your order will take just 5-7 days if you are ordering from the United States or Canada. They also offer international shipping worldwide, which you can expect from 8 to 15 days.

You won’t have to pay any additional shipping charges. Just pay the discounted rates on their website for a single bottle or a 3-pack or 6-pack as per your choice.

Since the owner himself says that it will work best in 90-180 days, consider buying. A better option is to order one bottle first and then increase progressively.

You can track your orders easily as Resurge sends them through reputed carriers like FedEx or UPS. John Barban is so confident in his product that he is also offering a money-back guarantee with Resurge pills.

He claims that they will provide you with a complete 100% refund in case Resurge doesn’t work for you. We couldn’t verify it, but a few user reviews did mention that they got returns after they didn’t get results in the first month.

You just have to email at under the two months to claim a refund on Resurge pills. They will deduct shipping charges and send the money in your account under a week.

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How Does Resurge Supplement Work?

Although many traditional fat burners exist, the creators of Resurge decided to take a different approach.

To understand the mechanism adopted by Resurge, let’s comprehend the effects sleep deprivation has on weight gain.

Lack of proper sleep causes significant changes to hormones that regulate hunger. Sleep deprivation makes our body resistant to Leptin.

Leptin, as we know, helps suppress appetite and lets us know our stomach is full. When we are short on sleep, another hunger-triggering hormone ghrelin increases in the body.

Hence while you binge-watch your favorite shows all day and night, you also crave snacks. You even start liking sugar-laden and fat-rich foods.

A person becomes irrational and impulsive in his food choices when he’s sleep-deprived. A new study also found out that increasing sleep timing significantly reduces sugar cravings.

It stated that proper sleep could reduce your sugar intake by as much as 10g in a day. To put it into perspective, 36g and 25g sugar in a day are enough for men and women, respectively.

The same study also found out that proper sleep can lower fat and carb intake in a human.

The second important factor which makes sleep an essential reason behind obesity is the production of human growth hormone. Our body produces human growth hormones while we sleep.

The deeper our sleep is, the more human growth hormone our body secretes. These hormones refresh and repair cells in the body. Now you know why your skin looks older and wrinkle-laden after nights without proper sleep.

As the body produces HGH at a slower rate, our body starts losing muscle mass too. Damaged tissues are left unrepaired, and it all takes a toll even on our mental health.

Here is a sum-up of all symptoms of sleep deprivation:

  • Increases appetite
  • Mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and stress
  • Problems in sex life
  • Aging and unhealthy skin
  • Decreases muscle mass
  • Reduces immunity

Resurge thus addresses a crucial problem that causes many further issues, as discussed above. Melatonin and Theanine help make us sleep faster.

They, along with other components, also ensure a deeper sleep, which increases the secretion of HGH in the body. The more HGH our body produces, the better will be our metabolic system.

Now, if you plan to work out and have a chiseled physique, Resurge will come in handy for you. It will increase your metabolism, which in turn, boosts workout performance.

More HGH production also means your muscles recover and develop faster. You’ll see faster results in terms of fat cut too.

An increase in muscle mass is synonymous with a decrease in fat. The more muscle you increase, the faster your fat will burn.

Not to forget, you’ll also burn a tiny amount of fat while sleeping. But we still maintain that to see real results in terms of weight loss, the proper workout is a must.

The eight different ingredients of the Resurge are combined in FDA approved laboratories, and GMP certification surely enhances credibility. Claiming to have the ingredient is one thing, and actually, having pure forms of it is another.

So FDA certification does make the product credible. Resurge also addresses inflammation using its natural ingredients like Ashwagandha.

It also elevates the mood and alleviates stress from the body. Now how much happier it can make you isn’t quantifiable, but it’s enough to make you sleep peacefully.

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How to Use Resurge?

Resurge dietary supplement comes along with universal usage instructions. It’s quite comfortable to get into a habit of taking it too.

You just have to take four pills of Resurge every day 30 minutes before. That might seem like a lot, but most of the ingredients only have mild effects.

That is why you need to take four pills at a time. You must use the supplement regularly, though, to witness any considerable changes.

Since it is only for adults, you should keep it out of reach from children and pets. It’s also essential that you don’t mix with any other medications it might react with.

Who Should and Who Should Not Use it?

Resurge is for people who hardly get time to workout and are gaining weight by the day. People suffering from sleep deprivation should also try it.

But there also are a few people who must avoid taking it. Here is the list of people who should and should not take Resurge weight loss pills:

Who Should use:

  • People who are unable to remove belly fat using a regular diet.
  • People are struggling with sleep deprivation and obesity at the same time.
  • People who are too consumed in jobs or businesses and can’t work out
  • Those who feel sleepy or dizzy throughout the day.
  • People who are looking for an energy booster with their workouts.

Who Should Not:

  • People below the age of 18
  • Pregnant women
  • People with heart ailments or severe medical conditions
  • People taking daily medications

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Side Effects

Resurge is an entirely organic dietary supplement that has hardly any side effects. You might feel a bit of nausea and headache at the start of the schedule.

This is normal when you start taking a new medication. Even these side effects will be minimal. The only risk might be when you exceed the daily dose.

For no reason, you’d have to eat more than four pills in a day. Don’t use the tablets as a substitute for sleeping pills and ignore it if you mistakenly skipped it once.

Resurge Reviews

Conclusion – Should You Buy Resurge?

Resurge chooses a different angle to work on weight loss. The ingredients of Resurge are backed scientifically, and it is a credible product, according to reviews by their customers.

Moreover, the ingredients are all-natural, which makes it a risk-free option.

It’s just a bit slow to work. You should use it for weight loss by fixing your sleep cycle. But don’t consider it medicines for Insomnia; your doctor’s advice is a must there.

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