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Phlebotomy appointment service
The phlebotomy Clinic at Rochester Healthy Living Centre on Delce Road this is for unregistered and registered patients has now moved temporarily to Thorndike Medical Centre.  Booking is via the consecrated call line 01634 810814 .
The clinic is open Monday to Friday ( except Bank Holidays ) from 08:00 to 11:30. Please do not arrive early but on time for your allocate slot.

Rochester Primary Care Network (PCN)
Rochester Primary Care Network is formed of 4 practices :
Thorndike Medical Centre
City Way Surgery
Castle Medical Practice
borstal village operating room
This provides enhanced services for the area covered by the PCN and we are please to advise that the PCN provide subscribe of our Care Navigators and extended hour ’ randomness clinic .
Our care navigators are :
Bally Katnoria and Akin Kunlipe
What care navigators do 

  • Sign-post to the most appropriate help
  • Link with local community groups and services
  • Offer advice
  • Help to tackle loneliness
  • Support and assist with money and housing concerns
  • Empower to improve your own well-being
  • Personalised planning and support

If you or your general practitioner think that you would benefit from this service the Care Navigator can see you hera in the surgery .
We will discuss your needs and support you, providing useful information and aid to help you make plus changes that improve your life .
You can contact the Care Navigator via e-mail, on the telephone or in the operation. A home inflict can be arranged if needed .

  • Email –
  • Telephone your surgery and ask to speak to a care navigator
  • Book at your surgery reception
  • Mailing address: Rochester Network Ltd, Thorndike Medical Centre, Longley Road, Rochester, Kent. ME1 2TH. Registered in England, 12076958

Other local NHS services
Primary care services which are not available at our rehearse are provided by Medway CCG ( 01634 382777 ) .
ampere well as our practice, there are many other local NHS organisations you can contact for health advice, data or treatment. Before you do, remember that you can treat many child ailments such as colds, coughs and indigestion by keeping a well-stocked medicine cabinet at base. We suggest you keep the follow :

  • Paracetamol and aspirin (children under 16 and people with asthma should not take aspirin)
  • Mild laxatives
  • Anti-diarrhoeal medicines
  • Rehydration mixture
  • Indigestion remedy (for example, antacids)
  • Travel sickness tablets
  • Sunscreen – SPF15 or higher
  • Sunburn treatment (for example, calamine)
  • Tweezers and sharp scissors
  • A thermometer
  • A selection of plasters, non-absorbent cotton wool, elastic bandages and dressings.

Remember. . .

  • Keep the medicine chest in a secure, locked place out of reach of small children
  • Always read the instructions and use the suggested dose
  • Watch expiry dates – don’t keep or use medicines past their sell-by date
  • Take all unwanted and out-of-date medicines back to the pharmacy.

Your local pharmacist
Your local pharmacist will be able to give you loose health advice at any clock time, you don ’ t need an appointment. many pharmacies operate extended hours on a rota basis. Call NHS Direct for details .
Kooth – Free on line counselling and emotional well being support for young people in Medway aged 11-25.
Kooth is a free on-line guidance and emotional wellbeing support service for children and young people, which can be accessed via a mobile, laptop or tablet. Children/Young people can be signposted to Kooth or can sign up themselves to access free and safe on-line mental health and wellbeing support, so no referral is required. The on-line rede is provided by a professional team of qualify counsellors and emotional wellbeing practitioners. Alongside the rede, there are early on-line tools and features they can use, such as a daily journal, mini activities and Kooth ’ s magazine, with peer to peer and community elements. All of these are dependable, secure, pre moderated and old age appropriate. Watch a video :  hypertext transfer protocol : //
When is Kooth available:

on-line hold tools and features ( such as the daily journal and mini-activities ) are available at any clock, 365 days a year .
on-line counselling 12pm -10pm during the week and at the weekend from 6pm to 10pm
Kooth social media
Kooth has an instagram account @kooth_uk a well as a Spotify report with its own playlist  and podcasts. Kooth can besides be followed on Twitter @kooth_plc

Support for children and young people with self-harm 

Kent Mind and Body has expanded to support 18 and 25-year-olds across Kent and Medway who may be involved in self-harming behaviours or struggling with their wellbeing. Those aged between 18-25 can now script an initial appointment via their web site

Specialist bereavement service

CHUMS Social Enterprise CIC are now delivering specialist corroborate in Kent and Medway to children and youthful people from pre-school historic period ( three-and-a-half years-old ) to 25-years-old who are experiencing complex grief or who have had a traumatic mourning .
Bereavement and grief give unique challenges for all who experience them but children and young people who experience the loss of a love one unexpectedly often require specialist help and confirm through our function .
CHUMS will offer mourning support in Kent and Medway through mourning groups for children and young people ; 1:1 mourning defend ; call advice and guidance and mourning literature. Details of this confirm will be widely publicised within education settings, primary wish, youth groups and other relevant organisations, whilst referrals including self-referrals will be available via an on-line class. For wide details of our raw services, visit the CHUMS web site. alternatively you can contact the CHUMS Kent team by earphone on 01622 427300, or by electronic mail on information @
Support for trans and non binary people
The BeYou Project provides accompaniment for unseasoned people aged eight to 25 who are LGBT+ across Kent and Medway.
The BeYou Project provides opportunities for peer and professional back regarding LGBT+ identities.
Out of Hours
If the operation is closed and you need advice please call 111. If you have a medical emergency and want immediate attention please phone 999 .
NHS Choice
For data about your choices and NHS surgeries please contact the NHS Choices Team on You are able to post your comments about the serve you receive from the NHS .
UTC – Urgent Treatment Centre
pressing Treatment Centre operates a walk-in avail for unregistered and record patients .
open 24hours a day, 365 days a class .
Medway Maritime Hospital
Windmill Road
Tel: 01634 830000
Wound Clinic

open Mon-Fri 08.00am-18.00pm
Rochester, Lordswood, Balmoral an vitamin d Rainham Healthy Living Centres and Kingstone Centre Strood
Tel: 0300 123 3444

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