Naturally Slim Review: Does It Work, and Should You Try It?

Healthline diet score: 4.08 out of 5

naturally Slim is a pay, year-long diet broadcast based on modeling the eating habits of people who are — as the name of the program suggests — naturally slim. The premise of the plan is that it helps replace your unhealthy feed habits with healthy habits that, over the long term, will result in weight loss and weight sustenance. To accomplish this, it incorporates principles of mindful eating. This article reviews naturally Slim, including its effectiveness and pros and cons.

diet review scorecard

  • Overall score: 4.08
  • Weight loss: 4.25
  • Healthy eating: 5
  • Sustainability: 4
  • Whole body health: 3.75
  • Nutrition quality: 4.5
  • Evidence-based: 3

bed LINE : naturally Slim is a diet program based on the principles of mindful corrode. It helps you build newly mealtime habits and lose or maintain slant without counting calories or tracking your food consumption .

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What is Naturally Slim?

naturally Slim is a diet program that utilizes the principles of mindful consume. It helps you replace unhealthy eating habits with healthier ones, which may aid slant loss and weight unit alimony. mindful eat is a strategy that focuses on recognizing your starve cues, savoring your food, entirely focusing on eating during mealtimes, eating lento, and paying attention to when your body starts signaling that it ’ second full ( 1 ). The broadcast requires no special foods, supplements, or supplies, and no calorie or intake track. additionally, it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate restrict or limit any foods. alternatively, it teaches you how to make healthier choices as you progress through the lessons .

How it works

The pay, year-long program is divided into three phases :

  • Foundations: 10 weeks of basic lessons about nutrition, fitness, and mindful eating principles
  • NS4You: 10 weeks of biweekly lessons that are customized to your needs
  • NS4Life: 32 weeks of once-monthly lessons that help you better understand how to stick to a healthy lifestyle for life

While many of these lessons are about mindful eat practices, several besides address other facets of a goodly life style, such as nutrition, hydration, exercise, sleep, and tension management. The platform is amply on-line, so you ’ ll need internet access via either a computer, pill, or smartphone. In accession to entree to the lessons, you ’ ll receive access to NSTown, an single on-line residential district that ’ s alone available to paying members of the Naturally Slim broadcast. additionally, you can email naturally Slim counselors at any time during your program. Some of the basic mindful feed principles that you may learn to put into practice throughout the Naturally Slim platform admit :

  • sitting down to your meal with no distractions
  • putting your fork or spoon down between each bite
  • chewing each bite of food thoroughly before swallowing
  • eating for at least 10–15 minutes at each meal, rather than rushing through it
  • stopping eating when you feel full


You can pay for the Naturally Slim program either monthly or annually. pricing details are as follows :

  • Monthly: $50 per month
  • Annually: $450 per year ($37.50 per month)

This is the full price, but there may be special sales or promotions that can help you save money. additionally, Naturally Slim has partnered with respective large employers to offer their program for free or at a reduce cost to their employees .

Summary naturally Slim is a year-long diet program based on mindful consume and goodly life style changes. On the plan, no foods are off-limits, and there ’ s no track required. It ’ s in full online and costs $ 37.50– $ 50 per month .

Does it work for weight loss?

Some research supports the potency of Naturally Slim for system of weights passing. One boastfully analyze including over 3,800 people who did the Naturally Slim program for 10 weeks found that women lost about 9 pounds ( 4 kilogram ) and men about 13 pounds ( 6 kilogram ) during the duration of the study ( 2 ). Another report looking at Naturally Slim data from over 140,000 participants observed that women and men lost approximately 2 % and 2.4 % of their body weight over 10 weeks, respectively ( 3 ). note that this survey was conducted by an employee of the company and one of its pay consultants, which may have biased the results. however, there ’ second besides some research to support the manipulation of mindful corrode principles for system of weights loss. One review of nine studies on mindful eat and slant loss noted that mindful eat interventions resulted in more weight unit personnel casualty than no interventions, ampere well as that they could result in exchangeable slant passing as a commercial diet program ( 4 ) .

Summary Two studies on naturally Slim have shown impressive weight unit loss results among participants. still, one of these studies may have been influenced by the company ’ s interest. Mindful eating besides appears to be an effective weight loss scheme .

Other benefits

naturally Slim may besides benefit people with metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Metabolic syndrome is characterized by high lineage coerce, insulin underground, poor blood sugar control, excessive abdominal fatness, and high rake adipose tissue levels ( 5 ). People with metabolic syndrome are more likely to have overweight or fleshiness and be at a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes or heart disease ( 5 ). even, one study in over 3,800 people on the Naturally Slim program noted that the share of women with metabolic syndrome dropped from 43 % to 30 % after 10 weeks, while the percentage of men with metabolic syndrome dropped from 52 % to 26 % ( 2 ). note that this analyze was conducted by researchers who have since accepted paid positions or consultancies with Naturally Slim, which may have biased the results. however, this data shows that Naturally Slim and mindful eat practices may help improve metabolic syndrome and decrease a person ’ south risk of type 2 diabetes .

Summary naturally Slim may help reverse metabolic syndrome and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, although the discipline that found this may have been influenced by the company ’ sulfur interest .


The biggest downside of Naturally Slim is its price, which may hinder some people from being able to use the program. Paid annually, it ’ south a lot less expensive but a higher out-of-pocket monetary value. however, if you ’ ra concerned in trying the broadcast, it may be a beneficial theme to try to sign up during a sale. alternatively, fair try a month or two ( paid monthly ) to see whether it ’ s right for you before committing to an annual buy. additionally, there ’ s short information about the long-run weight loss achiever of Naturally Slim participants. More research should be done on whether people are able to maintain their weight personnel casualty after the year-long program is complete .

Summary naturally Slim can be expensive, specially for the full year of program. additionally, little is known about the long-run slant loss achiever of program participants .

Is it recommended?

overall, naturally Slim is a good option if you ’ ra concern in trying a commercial burden loss program. It teaches you mindful eat tools and principles that you can use well into the future to help you make better food decisions without having to track your intake. While weight loss is not a guarantee, the course of study appears to help its participants suffer weight. naturally Slim may besides help reverse metabolic syndrome and reduce your hazard of type 2 diabetes. however, little is known about the long-run weight passing achiever of Naturally Slim participants .

Summary naturally Slim is a balance system of weights personnel casualty platform that focuses on the principles of temperance and mindful eat, aiming to help you lose weight and change your eating habits for the long term. It appears to be successful for short-run burden loss as well .

The bottom line

naturally Slim is a year-long diet course of study based on the principles of mindful feed and the foundations of a healthy and balance life style. There ’ s some evidence to support the achiever of this diet and mindful eat as a weight loss strategy. however, more long-run follow-up is needed to see whether people can maintain their weight loss after completing the course of study.

overall, naturally Slim is a well-designed diet program that allows you to enjoy all foods in moderation and develop a healthier relationship with food. Get started with Naturally Slim here .

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