Slimming World healthy extra A list and HEA allowance

The healthy extra a choice in the Slimming World plan ( fully plan details here ) is to ensure your body gets adequate calcium. calcium is truly important and you can get it from more than just milk then learn on to find out more .
Calcium written on a chalkboard with calcium rich foods in bowls and jugs surrounding it

What does calcium do?

calcium is a mineral necessary for homo liveliness and an crucial part of every diet. approximately 99 % of the calcium in the body is stored in the bones and teeth.

It plays an significant function in the development and maintenance of strong and dense bones earlier in life and helps to keep bones healthy and potent late in life .
calcium is responsible for build, shape, and maintaining firm and healthy bones and teeth in the body and helps reduce the incidence of osteoporosis .
It besides is a vital part in blood clot and helps with hurt bring around. Calcium helps to control lineage atmospheric pressure, produce enzymes, and is essential for muscleman compression .
calcium is best captive and metabolized by the body when taken with magnesium and vitamin D .
milk and cheese for Slimming World healthy extra a choice with calcium

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Why do we need the Slimming World Healthy Extra A?

The Slimming World diet does not include unlimited things like milk or tall mallow but rather has an allowance for this, the healthy extra a choice .
The cause for this is to ensure everyone on the weight loss design has their ideal sum of calcium .

calcium is authoritative for all humans of every old age group. It is equally important for young people who are developing their bones and teeth all the way up to aged people who are maintaining hard and healthy bones and teeth. The adopt outlines the amount of calcium that Health Canada recommends each age group should consume in a day .
Infants 0-6 months : 210 mg/day
7-12 months : 270 mg/day
1-3 years : 500 mg/day
4-8 years : 800 mg/day
9-18 years : 1300 mg/day
19-50 years : 1000 mg/day
51+ years : 1200 mg/day
Milk being poured into a glass for a healthy extra a portion

Foods naturally rich in calcium

Although calcium supplements can help to increase a person ‘s daily inhalation of calcium, they should not replace calcium-rich foods .
Food sources of calcium are the best kind of calcium as they include other nutrients that help the body absorb the calcium more promptly and contribute to a goodly diet .
The following are some of the most common food sources of calcium :
sardines ( 7 medium ) : 395 magnesium
cheddar cheese ( 1.5 oz ) : 325 milligram
capricorn ‘s milk ( 1 cup ) : 325 milligram
milk ( 1 cup ) : 310 magnesium
yogurt ( ¾ cup ) : 280 milligram
spinach, steamed ( 1 cup ) : 245 magnesium
turnip greens, cooked ( 1 cup ) : 197 magnesium
almonds ( ½ cup ) : 175 milligram
calcium-enriched bean curd ( ½ cup ) : 150 milligram
mustard greens, steamed ( 1 cup ) : 104 milligram
sunflower seeds, shelled ( ½ cup ) : 70 milligram
broccoli ( ½ cup ) : 70 magnesium
land cinnamon ( 2 tsp ) : 56 magnesium
orange ( 1 average ) : 55 magnesium
selection of calcium high foods on a wooden table

How many Slimming World healthy extra a choices can you have in a day?

Slimming World rede two healthy extra A choices per sidereal day. This ensures that you have enough calcium in your diet to keep you goodly. It is your choice whether that is made up of milk, cheese or a mix of the two .
Whilst, as you can see above, there are a issue of foods that are effective sources of calcium these do not count as your Slimming World goodly extra A choice .
If you prefer to eat high in calcium foods and miss out your healthy extra a choice that is of naturally your decision. This would mean you were not following the Slimming World plan completely but as with everything, it is your body and your choice .
glass of milk being poured on a red background

Slimming World milk allowance for Healthy Extra A

If you are using milk as your goodly extra A choice and want to split it into coffees throughout the day for example then the easiest way to do this is to measure your allowance out in the good morning using a jug or bottle. Simply measurement once and mark on your allowance with a marker playpen and fill that up day by day. It is deoxyadenosine monophosphate simpleton as that !

Cow’s milk allowance

The sum of cow ‘s milk you can have is different to other milks. These amounts are for one healthy extra choice .
350ml Skimmed milk
300ml 1 % fat milk
250ml semi-skimmed milk
200ml whole milk

Goats milk as healthy extra a choice

400ml skimmed goats milk
275ml semi-skimmed goats milk
200ml wholly goats milk

Lactose-free milk for healthy extra a choice

300ml semi-skimmed lactose-free dairy swallow
350ml Moo Skimmed milk, lactose-free
300ml Moo Semi-skimmed lactose-free milk
250ml Asda Lactose-free semi-skimmed milk
250ml Avonmore lactose-free 1.5 % fat milk

350ml Morrisons lactose-free skimmed milk
200ml Morrisons lactose-free whole milk
There are a number of early Lactose-free options all with varying amounts counting as your Healthy Extra A Choice, check the Slimming World web site or app for more details .

Slimming World healthy extra a Almond milk choices

400ml Almond drink, plain and unsweetened with add calcium .
400ml Plenish fortified almond milk, unsweetened, chilled .
400ml Tesco almond alternative to dairy milk, chilled and unsweetened
400ml Asda free-from almond milk alternative, unsweetened and chilled
400ml Tesco almond alternative to dairy milk, farseeing life and unsweetened .
400ml Alpro almond drink, unroasted/roasted and unsweetened long life or chilled
small glass bottle of milk with almonds, almond milk for a healthy extra a choice

Soya milk for healthy extra a

400ml soy swallow, apparent and unsweetened, with add calcium
400ml Alpro soy drink, unhorse, chilled
400ml Alpro soy swallow, unsweetened, chilled or long liveliness

Rice milk

225ml rice toast, knit and unsweetened with add calcium
225ml Alpro rice swallow original, no add sugar, long life

Coconut milk

400ml Alpro coconut drink, unsweetened, chilled
400ml Alpro coconut drink, master, no add sugars, chilled

Oat milk

Did you know you can make your own oat milk ? It is surprisingly easy ! If you prefer to buy it here is how much you can have as your healthy extra A choice. If you are on a plant-based diet this could be perfective .
325ml Alpro oat drink in, unsweetened, long life .
300ml Alpro oat drink, original, no add sugars, chilled or long biography 300ml
Oats with milk as oat milk is ok as a healthy a choice on slimming world

Slimming World cheese allowance for Healthy Extra A

There are then many cheeses you can have for your goodly extra A option. here are a few you may like to try .

25g of cheese


30g of cheese

double gloucester
crimson leicestershire
Hard goats cheese
Parmesan/Grana Padano/ Parmigiano Reggiano – fresh only, not dried !

35g of cheese

danish bluing

40g of cheese

Reduced-fat cheddar 30 % or 50 % less fat
Reduced-fat Emmental

45g of cheese

Reduced-fat halloumi
Selection of cheeses on a cheese board as cheese is a healthy extra a choice on slimming world

50g of cheese

mozzarella made with cows milk

65g of cheese

Reduced-fat feta
Reduced-fat Greek style salad cheese

70g of cheese

Reduced-fat mozzarella

90g of cheese


Slimming World vegan cheese allowance, free-from and other speciality cheeses

30g Lactofree Mature Cheddar
40g Koko Dairy Free Alternative to cheddar
50g Tesco Lactose-free mozzarella
30g cathedral city lactose-free cheddar, ripe
45g Waitrose lactose-free Greek feta
Cheese triangles such as dairylea which can be enjoyed as your healthy extra a choice

Slimming World healthy extra a cheese you don’t have to weigh!

2 Kerry Cheesestrings, the original variety show
2 mini Babybel master
3 miniskirt Babybel light
2 Dairylea light cheese slices
3 Dairylea original triangles
4 Dairylea luminosity triangles
4 McLelland Seriously Spreadable Lighter creamy cheese squares
2 Laughing overawe triangles, original
5 Laughing cow easy triangles, Emmental, cheddar, blue tall mallow or plain varieties
6 laughing cow excess light triangles

Slimming World healthy extra a choice FAQ’s

Is stilton a Slimming World healthy extra a choice?

unfortunately not, if you want to enjoy stilton in a recipe like this delectable Broccoli and Stilton soup it needs to be synned .

Is Philadelphia a Slimming World healthy extra a choice?

Whilst Philadelphia is gloomy in syns it is not a Slimming World healthy extra a choice. Of course, you can hush enjoy it, just remember to count the syns .

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