5 Healthiest Drinks at Sonic (2021)

If you are near a Sonic and are looking for the healthiest beverage on the menu, you are probably limited to entirely a few options on their cover menu of drink options .
fortunately, if you scour their drink in number, you may be able to come up with a few that will be low on calories and sugar and higher on vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants .
The healthiest drink at Sonic will be drinks like coffee, milk, tea, and water. Look for these options at the ends of their menus because they are going to show you their Sonic drink combinations, slushes, splashes, fizzes, limeades, and smoothies first.
Try to avoid their high boodle drinks.

Some of them like the limeade splash RT 44 pack a whopping 157 g. of sugar .
Be fresh about what you put into your body and check out this tilt of healthy drinks at Sonic :

Healthiest Drinks at Sonic

1. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Hot Coffee Reg. (16 oz.)

One of the healthiest toast options on their menu, their green Mountain Coffee Roasters will give you a pluck me up and give you energy for the sidereal day ahead .
The coffee will provide your consistency with antioxidants and 0 boodle, so don ’ t make it worse by adding a bunch of sugar and creamers .
If you need a little bit of extra kick, their cold brew coffee merely has 12 g. of sugar and their french Vanilla cold brew frost chocolate is alone 17 g and 210 calories .

2. Unsweet Iced Tea

When you stop at Sonic, skip all of the limeades and slushies and grab an unsweet ice tea to fix your swallow craving .
More flavorful than body of water and with the same count of calories and carbohydrate ( 0 ), you can rest assured you made a thoroughly choice for your day .
even the RT 44 only has 35 mg. of sodium, 0 calories and sugars .

3. Bottled or Tap Water

If you ’ ra plan on catch a burger or frank, cut the calories and grab a bottle water or tap water to go with it .
It ’ s not the easiest thing to do with all the extra items you can add to your number, but it could make a bang-up remainder in your calorie, sugar, and carb inhalation .
Your waist and body will besides thank you .

4. Milk

If you need a little something more than water, grab a 1 % milk.

milk will provide your body with vitamin D, protein and is broken on sugars and calories as compared to your other toast options .
If you truly want the milk, you fair might have to order from the kids ’ menu to get it .

5. Diet Limeades

The last drink on my goodly drink options number at Sonic is the Diet Limeades group .
These drinks are low on calories, sugars, and carbs, and provide your body with some confused sodium it might be craving .
These come in lime, cherry, and gamboge flavors .

Summary:  Healthiest Drinks at Sonic

If you must make a stop at Sonic for a burger and tots, make certain you opt for a goodly beverage option to avoid large amounts of calories and sugars you may get from their slushies, limeades, and sodas. Make certain you read the nutriment facts and make an inform decisiveness. If you need to make an unhealthy food option during the day, don ’ t compound the effects and stay with a drink that ’ mho low calorie, novel, and provides your body with vitamins, minerals and nutrients .
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source : https://nutritionline.net
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