The Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothies Review

The Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothies Review. Super-impressed…

The Healthy Mummy has released a fresh note of smoothies – the premium smoothies ! so, I ’ ve done a follow-up and here is a hint – we are impress !

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Who is The Healthy Mummy ?

The Healthy Mummy was founded by Rhian Allen, who had the vision to create products and programs that would support mums to live their healthiest life. She aimed to create products and promote naturalistic system of weights loss and not fair about achieving the distinctive Instagram body. It international relations and security network ’ metric ton fair about selling weight passing products, it ’ sulfur besides about educating mums to be healthy and happy !
I ’ ve personally known Rhian for 10 years, she is a clear dame and an perplex woman who actually cares about the women she is helping with her products. She is a Mum besides, with two beautiful boys. She knows what it ’ s like to struggle with slant, particularly after having babies.

When you pop over to The Healthy Mummy web site, you can see real weight loss results from mums and their reviews. The Healthy Mummy besides has an app that included coach, budget-friendly recipes and fitness plans. They besides provide products such as supplements, nosh packs, pregnancy products and besides books .
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The Healthy Mummy most popular products:

The Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothies :

The Premium Smoothies by The Healthy Mummy are a newfangled range of weight loss whey protein meal successor shakes. These smoothies have been designed by nutritionists and other experts, so with scientific stimulation, these smoothies have some amazing health benefits. With 23 Vitamin and Minerals, the bounty smoothies are jammed tamp down with nutriment. No artificial sweeteners or added sugar are included, and alone 4 grams of carbs. Each smoothie contains 80 % whey protein and is only 232 calories ( using skim milk ) .There are three flavours of premium smoothies :

  • Double Chocolate
  • Caramel
  • Espresso.

Plus The Healthy Mummy just launched ( Drum Roll ) :

  • Vanilla
  • Choc Mint
  • Banana Sundae

here are fair a few of the vitamin and mineral benefits of the premium smoothies :

  • More Vitamin A than a fillet of salmon
  • More Iron than a small steak
  • More potassium than 2.5 bananas
  • More Zinc than 5 eggs
  • More Calcium than a glass of milk
  • More folate than 2 cups of spinach
  • More vitamin B12 than 1 Chicken Breast

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The Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothies Review

Please note that each smoothie doesn ’ t come with a scoop, no real publish but equitable a heads up before you empty a bathtub looking for one. topple : Just add 2 tablespoons of smoothie gunpowder which will equal 30 grams .
home 30g of smoothie powder into a looking glass or shaker with 250 ml of milk ( alternatives of Almond and Skim are on the pronounce ). That ’ s it ! Simple, and agile – perfect for breakfast !

If you work outdoors or don ’ t have access to cool milk, it might be hard to make smoothies throughout the day. But, you could constantly make one for breakfast or dinner if you needed. But, if you work in a workplace where you can entree a electric refrigerator, then you are all sorted !

Quick Price Overview

    • RRP: $69.99 (Assuming Full Price)
    • Price / Serve: $4.60 (15 Servings)

Premium Caramel Smoothie: 

This was the first relish that I tried, caramel is my love, so it makes smell I headed straightaway for this spirit straight up. I normally have protein powders with water, but I loved how bracing this toast was with milk ! It was politic, creamy and light ! Since its only 250ml ( or 1 cup ) of milk, I am a real slow drinker, I just sip ! I didn ’ t feel like “ Oh bullshit ! I ’ ve got tantalum drink all this in one sit ! The caramel wasn ’ t overpower or excessively sweet either. identical easy to drink .

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Premium Double Chocolate Smoothie: 

Out of all of the spirit, this one is the achiever for me ! The after sample was just like a chocolate milkshake ! thus yum ! It was easy to drink and it wasn ’ t powdery in texture. I found myself questioning how they make it taste so delectable without sugar or artificial relish ! Out of all of the season, this one is the achiever for me ! It was filling, I drank it for breakfast at 7am, and I didn ’ metric ton get any hunger pangs until Midday .

It was so fill, I drank it for breakfast at 7am, and I didn ’ thymine get any hunger pangs until Midday .

Premium Espresso Smoothie:

If you are a chocolate lover, the premium espresso smoothie is amazing ! It didn ’ thyroxine sample artificial, or excessively sweet. The texture was big, clean, creamy and downy .

overall, I was therefore print with these smoothies ! For the monetary value, they are truly good respect for money ! I felt full, satisfied and the flavours were delightful ! Let alone consider all of the healthy ingredients included !

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