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The follow is a list of English words without rhymes, called refractory rhymes —that is, a number of words in the english lyric that rhyme with no other english parole. The discussion “ rhyme ” here is used in the stern sense, called a perfect rhyme, that the words are pronounced the lapp from the vowel of the main try syllable onwards. The tilt was compiled from the compass point of view of Received Pronunciation ( with a few exceptions for cosmopolitan American ), and may not work for early accents or dialects. Multiple-word rhymes ( a phrase that rhymes with a bible, known as a phrasal or mosaic verse ), self-rhymes ( adding a prefix to a bible and counting it as a verse of itself ), and identical rhymes ( words that are identical in their try syllables, such as bay and obey ) are much not counted as true rhymes and have not been considered. only the list of one-syllable words can hope to be anything near complete ; for polysyllabic words, rhymes are the exception rather than the rule .

definition of perfect rhyme [edit ]

Following the rigid definition of verse, a arrant rhyme demands the exact couple of all sounds from the last stress vowel to the end of the word. Therefore, words with the stress far from the end are more probably to have no perfect rhymes. For exemplify, a perfect verse for discomBOBulate would have to rhyme three syllables, -OBulate. There are many words that match most of the sounds from the stress vowel onwards and so are about rhymes, called slant rhymes. Ovulate, copulate, and populate, for case, vary only slightly in one consonant from discombobulate, and therefore provide very functional rhymes for most situations in which a rhyme for discombobulate is desired. however, no other English give voice has precisely these three final examination syllables with this stress form. [ 1 ] And since in most traditions the stressed syllable should not be identical—the consonant before the try vowel should be different—adding a prefix to a word, as be-elbow for elbow, does not create a perfect rhyme for it. Words that rhyme in one emphasis or dialect may not rhyme in another. A banal exemplar of this is the word of, which when stressed had no rhymes in british Received Pronunciation anterior to the nineteenth century, but which rhymed with grave and mauve in some varieties of general American. [ 2 ] In the early direction, iron has no rhyme in general American, but many in RP. Words may besides have more than one pronunciation, one with a verse, and one without.

Words with obscure perfect rhymes [edit ]

This tilt includes rhymes of words that have been listed as unrhymed .

Non-rhyming English words [edit ]

The majority of words with antepenultimate stress, such as ambulance, [ 18 ] animal, citizen, dangerous and obvious, and with preantepenultimate tension, such as (un)necessary, logarithm, algorithm and sacrificing, have no verse .

Masculine rhymes [edit ]

refractory one-syllable rhymes are uncommon ; there may be fewer than a hundred in English. [ 19 ] A big many end in a introduce or historical suffix -th, or are plural or participle forms. This list includes a few polysyllabic masculine rhymes such as obliged, which have one syllable in their rhyme part. [ 20 ]

pork and forge have no rhymes in conservative RP and GA. [ 31 ] however, the differentiation between horse and hoarse has been largely lost in younger generations, and for them and many others pork which was an exception to the convention rule, now rhymes with fork, cork, etc. ( ). The OED no long lists /pɔək/ as an option pronunciation in its one-third edition. time being words ending in -ed ( ‘provided with ‘ ) may produce early potentially furnace lining masculine rhymes. [ 32 ] There are extra words which are only partially assimilated into English, such as russian kovsh /ˈkɒvʃ/, which are fractious rhymes.

The contraction daren’t has no known rhymes in any english dialect, however the legitimacy of contractions as a single discussion is disputed. Regardless of this, daren’t lacks both perfect rhymes and phrasal rhymes. Although not meant as a arrant list, there are some extra refractory rhymes in GA. Some of these are ascribable to RP being a non-rhotic emphasis, and having merged rhymes once distinguished by /r/ .

Feminine rhymes [edit ]

For womanly rhymes, the final examination two syllables must match to count as a rhyme. Once the try shifts to the penultimate syllable, unrhymed words are quite coarse, possibly even the average : there may be more unrhymed words than words with rhymes. [ 36 ] The follow words are representative, but there are thousands of others .

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