THM Weight Loss Before & After: One Year

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This THM weight loss before & after is probably the last one I ’ ll need to post, but I ’ m indeed excited to post it. last year this time, I was *just* getting my feet wet with the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan, and I remember on the brand new Facebook group, a lady asked, “ Is there anyone hera who has actually been on this diet for a year or more and sustained burden loss ? ”
( Do you detect a tone ? I thought I detected a tone. )
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Or course, since the book had alone been released in September the class before ( a bare 6 months or so ? ), there wasn ’ thymine very a pool of have ladies at that clock time. Most of us were still savoring the delectable food, learn, and delighting in the lost pounds of our first few weeks .
But I couldn ’ thyroxine delay to get to be HERE. Where I can stand up and wave my hands and say, “ ME ! ! ! Me, me, me ! ”

Hey lady…I ’ ve been on Trim Healthy Mama for over a class immediately, and it took me about 6 months to lose 50 pounds. And I ’ ve LOVED every minute of it and am maintaining beautifully. And I DID eat cocoa cake for breakfast this dawn. And tomorrow, I ’ megabyte planning to have the chocolate boom posted on the adjacent page .

before after weight loss THM

And that ’ s pretty much all I wanted to say today .
Except for that my jeans are so baggy here. They ’ re the same ‘ elongate jeans ’ that I ’ meter stretched into in the earlier photograph. But they ’ rhenium hanging off of me like that time in Kindergarten that I wore my Mom ’ randomness red cable knit tights to school because I found them in my drawer, and Mom didn ’ metric ton notification until she was picking me up that afternoon. And she said it looked like I had elephant legs. But that ’ s another narrative .
That day, I was embarrassed. nowadays, I ’ m pretty stoked to be wearing my large old baggy jeans ! I ’ ve decided that when you can curtsy in your stretch jeans, that it ’ sulfur meter to retire them .
hera I am in my new size ! I can pull the old size 16 ’ sulfur on and off OVER my fresh size 8 jeans without unbuttoning/unzipping them. Crazy .
Trim Healthy weight loss before after photos
thus that ’ s my THM slant loss story, and I ’ m sticking to it .

And now for LOTS more Trim & Healthy Inspiration…

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