The Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan

Here’s what people had to say about Liz’s second book…

National Bestseller and North American, Independent Publisher Award Winner
( this book is no longer in print )
A Heather ’ s Pick Book : chosen personally and loved by Heather Reisman ( CEO of Indigo Books ) and guaranteed to be a great understand. The book is besides part of Indigo ’ mho Trusted Advisor Health Program ( recommended by Indigo ’ mho jury of checkup experts ).

“ If you only have space or time for one book on healthy corrode and life style, The Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan is the one to have. Liz Pearson has the unique ( trust me on this ) ability to make nutrition sane and reasonable. Home economist Mairlyn Smith provides fabulous recipes to help you get that advice and information on the kitchen table. ”

Barb Holland, Home Economist & Food Writer, The Toronto Star

“ This book is loaded with first gear rate nutrition information and lots of fantastic recipes. It ’ s a book you ’ ll pick up again and again. ”

Fran Berkoff, RD,Toronto Sun

“ This book is engaging and apprehensible and it screams Read Me ! It ’ s basically a compilation of accomplishable tips and recipes that are based entirely on scientific attest. The recipes are fantastic, fast and fun. delight ! ”

Care Healthy Living Magazine

“ This bible is filled with common smell nutrition backed up by reams of audio scientific research. ”

June Rogers, Health Editor, Chatelaine Magazine

“ In the perplex world of conflicting news program on nutrition, Pearson provides solid answers and gives Canadians what they need : easily digestible information in a tidy package, packed with tips and the latest research. Mairlyn helps put the advice into military action with delectable recipes. ”

Valerie Berenyi, Feature Writer for the Calgary Herald Vitality Section

“ Wow ! Up-to-date inquiry, easy learn and easily to follow, yummy recipes made with everyday ingredients. I have lost 20 pounds just eating well. Thanks ! ”

Elisabeth Disley, London, Ontario

“ I ’ m therefore convinced in this reserve that I bought it for my three closest friends. I think they will enjoy having their own copies because no way am I letting mine out of my sight. Forget gimmicky humble carb, confederacy beach, eat like french women stuff. This book is healthy and based on the best nutriment information out there and it comes with recipes to help you implement the changes you want to make. ”

Nina Kullar, Vancouver B.C.

“ This is a health design not a diet book and it ’ s absolutely fantastic. I love it ! ”

Karen, Windsor, Ontario

“ The Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan is a wonderfully organized and presented healthy eating resource for anyone seeking to improve the quality of their food intake. ”

Midwest Book Review, Oregon, Wisconsin

“ The Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan should be in every home. ”

Shirley Allen, Edmonton, Alberta

“ Although I never have written to any authors before in my life ( and I ’ megabyte quite a book worm ), I decided to write this bad and grateful letter to Liz Pearson and Mairlyn Smith for making my life well by writing this fun, easy to read and follow book. Bravo and keep up the good work ! ”

Natasha Yefman

“ Your book is the most reasonable and informative record that I have ever read on the subject of healthy consume ! ”

Anne Bailey, Vancouver, BC

“ I just love this book ! My husband and I were sitting at our counter eatery the other night and he said – Diane, wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate ever stop cook this way. I love this food ( this from a man of few words ). ”

Diane Hayden, Stratford, Ontario

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