Unhealthy Environment- problem solution essay

Jane Yook
Mrs. Gwaltney
english 9
Problem and Solution Essay

environment. What comes out of your take care whenever you think about the environment ? ? Think about all the causes like pollutions that causes unhealthy environment, which can besides lead to ball-shaped calefacient. This problem is identical serious, as it affects the unharmed earth, but people in Korea are identical implicated about their state, so they volunteer and help the communities .
There are three types of contamination ; tune, body of water, and territory. An example for breeze contamination could be the form of gases from factories and cars ; water pollution could be spilling of oil ; and last, dirty befoulment could be littering. First of all, form of gases sometimes makes the breeze dazed, or possibly haze. These tend to make people cough and it ’ s very hard to breath. Spilled anoint is not truly coarse than the respite, but they are more harmful. They spread easily, and kill most of the sea creatures living in the sea. Littering and/or not recycling is one of the noticeable pollution. As you can see, it is very fetid, and surly. When people don ’ t recycle and throw rubbish everywhere, the folderol would not stack up and become a pile of folderol. Imagine that !
Let me tell you about my experience. One fourth dimension, I was watching the news on television ; it was a korean channel, so it showed new in Korea. I saw this black greasy stains floating on the ocean, and some were brought to the prop up and between the rocks. They besides zoomed in and showed us the dead sea creatures. It was a deplorable sight. fortunately, the villagers volunteered and helped to clean the anoint. tied though they worked intemperate to clean the fix, it wasn ’ triiodothyronine enough to clean all. As you can see, volunteering to help clean the Earth is truly helpful. besides, in my erstwhile school, our class helped to clean the folderol once a month. We only picked small measure of rubbish, but it was actually helpful .
There is constantly a solution for every problem. In fact, everyone should volunteer and help to clean up a particular place like a park, or a resort area. It would be more helpful if everybody could stop or lessen litter, and recycle more. We should besides clean up the anoint like the people in Korea, as I said earlier. We could besides try to prevent carbon monoxide from vehicles by cycling. If people can ’ triiodothyronine cycle, they could walk. These are some eco-friendly ways to prevent carbon paper monoxide. We could lose slant by walking vitamin a well .
pollution is affecting humans, mammals, and animals. It besides affects the land, as it leads to ball-shaped warming. There are three types of pollution- air, water, and soil- and they are all harmful. We should try to prevent befoulment, so that the world would be a better place .

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