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Best Supplements for Weight Loss in Females

Losing weight can be a challenging journey, especially for women. With the numerous dietary options available in the market, it’s difficult to determine which ones are effective and safe. This article aims to guide you in finding the best supplements for weight loss specifically designed for females. We will explore various supplements that have been […]

Diverticulitis Diet: Foods to Eat, Avoid, and More

diverticulitis is a circumstance that affects the digestive tract. It ’ s an infection of the diverticulum. These are small pockets that develop in the trace of the intestine. Diverticula develop when unaccented spots in the intestinal wall give way under pressure, causing sections to bulge out. The presence of diverticulum is called diverticulosis. It […]

Every Registered Dietitian Is a Nutritionist, but Not Every Nutritionist Is a Registered Dietitian

RDN Credential: Frequently Asked Questions What is the new optional RDN credential? The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics ‘ Board of Directors and the Commission on Dietetic Registration have approved the optional use of the certificate “ cross-file dietician dietician ” ( RDN ) by registered dietitians ( RD ) . Will the new optional […]