What should a vagina smell like?

It ’ mho normal for your vagina to have a flimsy smell, and the way it smells can vary, besides. You might notice a change in olfactory property at sealed points in your menstrual cycle, for case. So a little transfer in smell international relations and security network ’ t necessarily a problem .
however, if you abruptly notice a solid, unpleasant smell, you might have an infection or a circumstance that needs treatment .
Read on to learn about some of the most coarse causes of unusual vaginal smell, and what you can do about them .

Bacterial vaginosis

Your vagina constantly contains a certain amount of bacteria, and this is healthy. But bacterial vaginosis ( BV ) is an infection caused by having excessively much of a certain bacteria. This changes the convention bacterial balance of your vagina and can sometimes cause it to smell.

BV is the most common type of vaginal infection. It ’ s not a sexually transmitted infection ( STI ). however, it can make you more likely to get an STI, like chlamydia .
It doesn ’ t have any symptoms in about half the people who have it, but you may get a thin, grey or white vaginal fire with a solid, fish-like smack. This spirit may be peculiarly noticeable after sexual activity .
early symptoms of BV can include pain, itching or burning in and around your vagina and a burn sensation when you pee .
BV sometimes goes off on its own, but it may keep coming back – so if you think you might have it, you should see your doctor. It can be treated with a naturally of antibiotics, in the kind of tablets you take or a cream you apply to your vagina .
There are things you can do to help with the symptoms of BV and stop it from coming second. These include :

  • washing your genital area with water and plain soap
  • showering instead of taking a bath
  • not using perfumed soaps, bubble bath, shower gel and shampoo in the bath
  • not using vaginal deodorants, washes or douches
  • not putting antiseptic liquid in the bath
  • not using strong detergents to wash underwear
  • not smoking


Your vagina can besides smell unpleasant if you have trichomoniasis, which is a STI caused by a bantam parasite called Trichomonas vaginalis ( television receiver ) .
As with BV, you won ’ t constantly get symptoms – improving to half of people don ’ thymine ( but they can still pass the infection on ). If you do get symptoms, they normally appear within a calendar month. They include having more drop than normal, with an unpleasant, fishy odour – it can besides be bubbling and yellow-green in coloring material. You might besides notice tenderness, swelling or itching around your vagina, or pain when make or having sex .
Like BV, trichomoniasis can be treated with antibiotics, so you should visit your doctor or a sexual health clinic if you think you might have been infected. If you do have it, your recent sexual partners should besides get treatment .
Woman with hand on pelvis (1)

Pelvic inflammatory disease

It ’ s besides possible for a fetid vagina to be caused by a serious condition called pelvic incendiary disease ( PID ). This is an infection of your generative organs that ’ mho frequently a complication of STIs such as chlamydia or gonorrhea, or other infections.

a well as an unusual vaginal discharge with a bad olfactory property, symptoms of PID can include fever, pain in your lower stomach, annoyance or bleed during sex or between periods and burning when you pee .
thankfully, PID can be treated with antibiotics, but it ’ randomness important to get help american samoa soon as possible because it can cause long-run problems if left untreated. then see your doctor if you have the symptoms above or you ’ re worry that you might have an STI .

Tampon left in the vagina

If you forget to remove a tampon at the end of your period, it can get compressed at the top of your vagina and cause free that has a actually bad smell, american samoa well as pain and a high gear temperature ( fever ) .
If this happens, you should try to get the tampon out directly away and speak to a doctor. If you can ’ thyroxine, go to your repair or a intimate health clinic a soon as potential, so they can remove it .
If you have discharge that has a in truth bad olfactory property, pain or a high temperature, it ’ s probably you ’ ll need farther treatment, even if you can get the tampon out yourself .
Using tampons has been linked to a rare but dangerous bacterial infection called toxic shock syndrome. You can read more about toxic shock syndrome .
Woman holds a tampon in toilet


An abnormal first step, or fistulous withers, between your intestines and generative arrangement is a good condition that can cause fetid vaginal dispatch, angstrom well as poo in your dismissal or vagina .
It can be caused by an injury from giving birth or certain intestine conditions, among other things. If you have any symptoms, see your doctor so you can find the induce and get treatment.

How to keep your vagina clean

A rebuff olfactory property in your vagina is absolutely convention, as is some vaginal discharge. But if you ’ re concerned about keeping your vagina uninfected, there are simple steps you can take .
inaugural, remember that while there ’ s a batch of bacteria in your vagina, they ’ re there to protect it and keep it healthy. This means that when you wash the area around your vagina ( vulva ), it ’ south best to avoid perfume soaps, gels and antiseptics – these can affect the bacteria and ph balance of your vagina, and lawsuit aggravation .
rather, manipulation plain, unperfumed soaps to gently clean the area around your vagina every day. You don ’ t need to clean inside your vagina, as your vaginal exhaust does this for you .

Key points

  • it’s normal for your vagina to have a slight smell
  • a strong, unpleasant smell can be a sign of several infections and conditions, some more serious than others
  • if you notice a bad smell or other vaginal symptoms, see your doctor to check if you need treatment
  • you should clean the area around your vagina every day with plain, unperfumed soaps
source : https://nutritionline.net
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