7 Keys to a Healthy and Happy Relationship

here ‘s good a little fuse of seven signs of a healthy kinship .
1. Mutual Respect
If you do n’t have this, well, it ‘s going to be a rugged road. This does n’t mean you agree with everything your collaborator says or does. It does mean that you have admiration for each other, and a steady undertone of love and believe throughout your relationship. You besides have each other ‘s back .

John Gottman, a pioneer in studying couples and marriage, could tell within minutes whether a couple was in it for the long catch or if they were n’t going to make it—with startling accuracy. How could he tell ? If there were any signs of contempt in the pair ‘s interaction with each other, the relationship normally did n’t make it .

Abuse, whether it is physical, verbal, or emotional, defies common deference in every way, shape and class. You have to have reciprocal respect to have a healthy relationship .
2. Arguing, Not Fighting
I ‘ve never seen a healthy couple that does n’t argue. They never fight, however—they argue. If a couple comes into my function and tells me they ‘ve never argued, something is n’t quite right .

You can argue without fighting. Arguing is non-combative—you and your spouse state of matter your points of opinion without name-calling or raising your voice. sometimes you agree to disagree, and that ‘s very well. name out what your “ non-negotiables ” are—the things that you will not budge on. now rethink that list. I like the state, “ You can either be right, or married. ” Hopefully you and your spouse ‘s values ( see # 6 below ) match up reasonably well—that makes things much easier !

I ‘ll do another post on how to have a healthy argumentation .
3. Agreement on Sex
You ‘re both OK with how much you have sex, how you have sex, where you have sex, and there ‘s common engagement. arouse is not withheld as a punishment. And if you or your partner are not comfortable with an aspect of your arouse life sentence, you can talk about it openly, without criticism .

You besides find time to have sex. I do n’t care how busy or tired the two of you are—there is always time for sex .
4. Agreement on Parenting
There are basically three main styles of rear :
a. authoritarian : The rules are the rules are the rules. No exceptions .
bel. authoritative : This is what I refer to as a “ Benevolent Dictatorship. ” There are rules, and kids can give their input signal, but the parents have the concluding state .

c. Lenient or “ individualistic ” : There are minimal rules .
If the two of you do n’t agree on a rear style, you need to talk. besides, if you differ on whether your children should be spanked or not, you need to talk .
You may have each grown up with different parenting styles—and we each tend to parent the same way we were parented. If you do n’t have kids however but are thinking about it, you must, must, must have this conversation with your collaborator .

People can change their personality styles. A batch of that depends on # 6 ( below ) .
5. Equality With Money
flush if one of you makes more money than the other, you both have an equal say about where your money goes. There are no “ shroud accounts, ” and you decide together before you make boastfully purchases .
If you are the one in charge of the bill paying, you pay the bills on time. Period. If you ca n’t pay the bills on time, call on over that job to your partner or hire person to do it for you .

You decide on branch accounts if sharing a joint account is getting besides complicated or frustrating. Does that hurt the affair of a kinship ? No, it actually helps your affair. You are no longer fighting about money .
6. Common Goals and Values
Couples with very different interests can have healthy relationships—what counts is that they share common goals and values. Couples of different religions ( or non-religion ) and cultural backgrounds can have goodly relationships—what makes a healthy kinship is sharing core impression. You may both share the impression that giving spinal column to your community is authoritative. You may both share the impression that extended family members are welcome to live with you at any prison term. Values and beliefs differ for everyone .

coarse goals include intangibles like raising happy and goodly children, and tangibles like saving up for a sign of the zodiac. You can work together on setting annual, five-year, even 10- and 20-year goals. Working towards something together strengthens your bond .
7. Fun
“ amorousness wears thin after a while and smasher fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that ‘s a real dainty. ” –Joanne Woodward

Enough said. Make time to have fun. Life gets besides serious without receiving regular doses of humor.

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