Top 5 health benefits of avocado

The popularity of avocado is devour to its rich people, creamy texture and mild season. The avocado, or Persea Americana, is a fruit that belongs to the syndicate of lauraceae ; a group that besides includes members such as cinnamon and laurel. There are dozens of varieties of avocado, ranging in size, color and texture. All are native to tropical climates and when harvested, the pulp softens to a buttery texture that has become extremely popular in everything from dips to desserts .

Nutritional benefits of avocado

An 80g helping of avocado contains :

  • 152Kcal/627KJ
  • 5g protein
  • 6g fat
  • 5g carbohydrates
  • 6g fibre
  • 360mg potassium
  • 56mg Vit E

What are the top 5 health benefits of avocado?

1. Avocados are nutritionally rich

Avocados have been commended as an exemplar of a food dense food, with one half of the fruit count towards your five-a-day.

Avocados are an excellent source of monounsaturated fatness and vitamin E, and are a adept informant of vitamin bc. They besides supply more soluble fiber than other yield and contain a number of utilitarian minerals including iron, copper and potassium .

2. May support heart health

Avocados are high in fatness with 60 per cent of this being monounsaturated fats, which research suggests helps to protect against heart disease and lower lineage pressure. They are besides an excellent source of potassium, vitamin bc and fiber, all of which benefit the heart and cardiovascular system .

3. May help to lower cholesterol

The oils supplied by avocado include oleic acid and linoleic acidic, these unsaturated fats are recommended as part of a balanced diet to help manage cholesterol .

4. May help to regulate appetite

There is no doubt that the calorie content of avocado is greater than other fruits and vegetables. however, an interesting study has shown that the fatness and fiber content of avocado leads to feelings of repletion which helps regulate appetite .

5. May help keep eyes healthy

Alongside the benefits outlined above, avocado are a rich beginning of protective vitamin E vitamin a well as carotenes including xanthophyll and zeaxanthin which are thought to help keep the eyes goodly .

Is avocado safe for everyone?

Some sensitive individuals may experience allergy to avocado. This includes an oral allergy which may be triggered by a cross-reaction to birch pollen. A rare allergic reaction may occur if you have a latex paint allergy – if this is relevant to you refer to their GP for steering.

Avocado, along with fruits including apples, peaches, raspberries and blueberries contain natural chemicals called salicylates. Some people are sensitive to these compounds and may experience an allergic reaction including clamber rash and swelling. If you are concerned about food allergies or have any other concerns, please consult your GP or registered dietitian for guidance.

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