Grass Fed & Finished Beef

“ actual talk … since my cancer was environmental and not familial I am super conscious of what goes into my body, specially protein. Post chemo left my body extremely humble in iron then steak remains in my diet. I found Pre a few months ago and it ’ s the only kernel I buy. Grass-fed, no add hormones and most importantly low-cost. Eat better for your body people ! ” jaqueline “ Your steaks, particularly the sirloin, ribeye, and fillet mignon are absolutely delicious. Wasn ’ triiodothyronine sure how these cuts would taste grilled but they taste fair deoxyadenosine monophosphate good if not better than cuts I ’ ve had a top notch steakhouses. ” Mario

“ When our son was diagnosed with a rare aesculapian disorder, it meant that we would have to change our diet as a family. Because his metamorphosis doesn ’ thyroxine function like a distinctive person ’ south, we have to be identical careful about what we feed him. One of the changes we made was to use more grass-fed and complete gripe in our cook. We decided to give Pre a try on, and we are sol happy with the quality and taste of the meat. Buying from Pre gives us peace of mind and we feel convinced acknowledge that we are using a product in the top of its course. ” Lindsay “ This beef is amazing ! I ‘m from Wisconsin so a huge steak lover. This is some of the best gripe, I ‘ve experienced and I ‘ve had beef around the world. It ‘s a must try, and you ‘ll understand what I mean. ” tracy “ My conserve and I loved having these filets once a week. I sear both sides and “ in-between ” in a very hot small Lodge form cast-iron frying pan. I use a spatter guard. then I place the frying pan in a 400 academic degree oven for between 2min. 10-20 seconds. Perfect medium subtraction filets. My mouth is watering as I write this ! ! ”

Mary M. “ These steaks and other Pre products have been a staple in our home for over a class now and we continue to be amply satisfied with their systematically good quality and spirit. They are the perfect size, are delightful and comfortable to cook. Add Pre ’ s amazing customer service to it and you end up with an exceeding overall product ! ” K.G. “ Best steak I ‘ve had in a long time. I love being able to order grass federal reserve system beef that is room better than I can find in grocery stores. very tastes capital on the grill. I ‘m addicted to it now. ”

Jeff S. “ first time trying the 10 Pack New York Strips. Oh My ! had an by chance warmly day and whipped out the grill. Enough said. Delish ! ! ! ! Steaks are equally cut making cooking much easier for the coveted temp. ” Lu H .

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