Herbalife ‘Scam’ Weight Loss Product Associated with Fatal Liver Failure

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A case report from India has connected products from Herbalife to acute liver failure. The findings follow similar reports from other countries, including Israel, Spain, Switzerland, Iceland, Argentina and the United States. The study, published in the March-April issue of the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hepatology, besides points out the dangers associated with herbal and dietary supplements ( HDSs ), many of which promise results with no factual footing.

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The font report highlights a 24-year-old woman with hypothyroidism who was otherwise goodly but taking thyroxine supplementation. She initiated three Herbalife products : convention 1 Shake Mix ( two scoops/day with skim milk ), Personalized Protein Powder ( two tablespoons twice/day into the Shake Mix ), and Afresh Energy Drink ( 10 thousand twice/day ) .

Two months after starting these supplements, the patient had a week of lost appetite and then followed by bitterness and transeunt pruritus .
“ Initial lineage work revealed that sum serum bilirubin charge was12.4 ( upper terminus ad quem of normal [ ULN ] 1.1 mg/dL ) ; address bilirubin, 9.9 ( ULN 0.2 mg/dL ) ; aspartate aminotransferase,582 ( ULN 36 U/L ) ; alanine transaminase, 648 ( ULN45 U/L ) ; alkaline phosphatase, 248 ( ULN 120 U/L ) ; gamma-glutamyl transferase level, 398 ( ULN 35 U/L ) ; albumin, 3 ( ULN 5.5 g/dL ) and external normalize ratio,4.7 ( normal < 1.2 ), ” the report details. When the patient ’ randomness jaundice worsened, she went to the emergency department. rake tests were performed for conditions including hepatitis and HIV . “ A transjugular liver biopsy showed extensive periportal and perivenular bridge necrosis with moderate-to-severe shuffle incendiary infiltration, interface hepatitis, cholangitis, severe balloon, steatosis and intracanalicular acholia, ” according to the report. The affected role was referred to a transplant center and placed on a waiting list but soon died .

An Assessment of Herbalife

The doctors considered the possibility that Herbalife had contributed to the affected role ’ mho liver injury but were abortive in obtaining products from the affected role ’ s grieving syndicate, but they obtained one product from the like seller the patient purchased her products from—it was besides discovered that this distributor was operating without a license and was finally shut down by the Department of Health and Human Services, Government of Kerala. other Herbalife products were purchased on-line .
Upon psychoanalysis, all of the source Herbalife products contained high levels of heavy metals, and 75 % of the samples contained undisclosed toxic compounds, while 63 % of the samples contained bacterial deoxyribonucleic acidic. Upon RNA analysis, multiple bacterial communities were discovered in Herbalife products— “ including highly infective species. ”

Health Supplements Likely Do More Harm than Good

The researchers pointed out that many products advertised as nutritional supplements based in health not only have no health benefits but could in fact be harmful. Often, these products boast electric potential outcomes with no clinical tell to support the company ’ south claims .
“ As with any drug, it is important to put HDSs through preclinical and clinical scientific studies and postmarketing watchfulness then that unknown and potentially harmful causes for dangerous adverse effects, such as liver failure due to the function of such agents, may be more identifiable and controlled, ” the researchers wrote.

Editor’s Note – Jan 2, 2020:
The DocWire News article entitled “ Herbalife ‘ Scam ’ Weight Loss Product Associated with Fatal Liver Failure, ” published on-line November 25, 2019, referred to in the first paragraph and elsewhere a font report published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hepatology that has since been removed by its publisher ( Elsevier ) for legal reasons following a ailment from Herbalife. According to a notice from Herbalife guidance, the “ [ … ] article has been removed by Elsevier BV the publisher following a complaint by us [ Herbalife ] that the article is untrue and defamatory. ” According to Elsevier ’ s article withdrawal policy, “ [ … ] removal of an article from the on-line database will only occur ‘ where the article is intelligibly calumniatory, or infringes others ’ legal rights, or where the article is, or we have good reason to expect it will be, the subject of a court ordain, or where the article, if acted upon, might pose a serious health risk. ‘ ” DocWire News and other on-line media outlets have reported on the case report in question, which was wide reported on in 2019. According to Elsevier, “ the article, which was published in the March-April 2019 issue of the daybook, has been removed for legal reasons. however the decision to remove the article does not imply entrance fee of any allegation made about the article by any party. ”

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