9 Reasons Why You Should Never Eat A Big Mac, Like, Ever

There ‘s nothing quite adenine delicious as a Big Mac from McDonald ‘s. I mean, it ‘s two beef patties layered with boodle, cheese, onions, pickles and Big Mac sauce — and, there are three buns ! Though the popular debauched food burger is undeniably delectable, not many people know the effect it has on their bodies. From its calories and sodium, to its ability to reprogram your brain into wanting more insalubrious foods, here ‘s why you should choose another Mickey D ‘s sandwich for lunch :

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big mac mcdonalds unhealthy 1. It has a lot of calories
According to McDonald ‘s, one Big Mac has 540 calories. When you combine these calories with the ones you ‘ll be getting from the french fries and delicate drink that comes with the meal, you ‘re looking at a LOT of unhealthy calories .

2. There’s a lot of sodium in there, too! 
One Big Mac has 950 milligrams of sodium. That means you ‘re getting about 1,000 milligrams of sodium with fair ONE hamburger. Let that sink in …

3. It raises your blood pressure to “abnormal levels”
Between the calories, sodium, 46 grams of carbs and 28 grams of fat, your Big Mac causes your rake press to spike in arsenic little as 10 minutes of eating it !big mac unhealthy mcdonalds 4. The bun is made with high fructose corn syrup
McDonald ‘s ground beef buns contain high fructose corn syrup and add even more sodium to your meal. These ingredients are highly addictive and can cause fleshiness, diabetes, and heart disease .

5. It can make you dehydrated 

All of that sodium in your burger can start to make you dehydrated in ampere little as 30 minutes after eating it. But this feel can closely mimic the symptoms of hunger, which may make you reach for your fries rather of a glass of water .

6. It makes your heart work harder to pump blood
Having besides much sodium makes it harder for your kidneys to eliminate salt. When this happens, your heart has to work hard and fast to pump blood through your veins. This can cause high blood pressure and finally lead to heart disease and stroke .mcdonalds big mac unhealthy 7. It can make you crave more fast food
We know that Big Macs are high in calories and fat, but we frequently fail to recognize the effect it has on our cravings. Since this is such a high-calorie food, your insulin response can cause your glucose levels to drop and make you want to eat more. This will cause you to overeat and overconsume your recommend calories for the day, particularly if you choose another unhealthy fast food item to snack on .

8. They can take days to digest
All of the fatten, calories and sodium in your big Mac make it a challenge to digest. It can take at least 2-3 days to in full digest your Big Mac, and that ‘s just the hamburger !

9. It can cause high cholesterol 
One Big Mac contains 10 grams of saturated fat, which increases your risk of developing high cholesterol if consumed much and excessively. It besides puts you at risk for heart disease, besides ! not to mention that it ‘s besides got 1 gram of trans fat, which the the Harvard School of Public Health says can cause affection problems late on .

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