Why I Quit Social Media When My Relationship Got Serious

I never had a trouble with social media. I used them all — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. And though I wasn ’ thymine a religious drug user, I did enjoy mail pictures here and there or occasionally stalk my best ally ’ s latest crush. I didn ’ thyroxine see anything incorrectly with it… until I got in a serious relationship. once I did, I decided to quit altogether — here ’ second why : I didn’t want my past to haunt me. 

Have you ever gone through your old Facebook posts or tweets or checked out what you used as your profile picture in 2008 ? For me, all you ’ five hundred find are bibulous tweets I thought were hilarious at the time and an awkward selfie of me and my zit-faced, high school boyfriend — not very something I want my mature, serious boyfriend to see .

I didn’t want any surprise messages. 

I don ’ thymine know about you, but ex-boyfriends LOVE to pop up in my DMs. Thanks, but no thanks. In order to avoid all unwanted contact or my boyfriend seeing something that might make him leery or upset, I decided to not tied put myself in that site .

I didn’t want to see other girls posting on my boyfriend’s page. 

Some of these girls have no boundaries or regard for other people ’ randomness relationships. And even though it may not be his mistake, seeing random girls liking his posts or commenting on his page would piss me off. so rather of opening up the space for unnecessary fights, I figured it would be best to not tied have the opportunity to look .
Social media is full of unrealistic expectations. 

Trips to the Bahamas, adventures every weekend, shopping trips, perfect relationships… they ’ re all over Instagram. It seems amazing, but in my life, that ’ s not reality. That doesn ’ t mean my relationship international relations and security network ’ t big ; it just means it looks unlike than what people post on social media, and there ’ s no reason to get covetous .

I didn’t want to be glued to my phone. 

Social media is addicting. No matter how many times you check it, you keep going back for more. I didn ’ thymine want to be that girlfriend who ’ s constantly glued to her phone. When I ’ molarity with my boyfriend, I want to be invested in our time together without any distractions .
People like to give their unwanted opinions.

For some reason, people view social media as the place to give you their opinions and not-so-helpful advice. rather of having to sift through bitchy remarks or my grandma posting the most irrelevant comments on my posts, I decided that if person in truth had something that crucial to tell me, they could text or call me about it.

I didn’t want our relationship to be defined by social media. 

Remember second in middle school and high educate when your kinship wasn ’ t dangerous until it was Facebook official ? No thanks. I didn ’ thymine want people judging my relationship by how many pictures I mail of me and my boyfriend on Instagram or by whether I tweet about the dulcet thing he did for me that day. Yes, I love bragging about how amazing he is, but I didn ’ metric ton want social media to be my wall socket for expressing my beloved for him .
It was right for us.

After talking with my boyfriend about social media, we decided that both of us getting rid of all of it was the best thing for our relationship. For us, it just seemed to make the most sense. No more unnecessary fights about random people posting on our material or worrying about any undesirable contact from by relationships. We ’ re both social media free and we love it .

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