How To Cook Shirataki Noodles (The Best Way!)

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GET IT NOW This post may contain affiliate links, which help keep this contentedness spare. ( Full disclosure ) Have you made shirataki noodles before ? sometimes they go by early names, konjac noodles or miracle noodles. Until recently, they were not one of my favored keto pasta alternatives. The texture was a little off-putting. But then I decided to play with some different homework methods, and found a way that works very well – this shirataki noodles recipe has a texture that ’ mho very close to actual pasta. tied my new kids went for it ! once you learn how to cook shirataki noodles this way, I think you ’ ll be a convert, besides. Got ta have more noodles ? Try more pasta swaps with this keto spaghetti and meatballs, stuffed spaghetti squash boats, or chicken alfredo.

What Are Shirataki Noodles ?

Shirataki noodles are a low- or zero-calorie noodle made from the konjac establish. These noodles originated in Japan and have been eaten in Japan for over a thousand years [ * ] !

What are konjac noodles?

Konjac noodles is another name for shirataki noodles, and is pretty self-explanatory, as the noodles are made from the konjac settle.

What are shirataki noodles made of?

Most shirataki noodles are made from glucomannan, which is a gelatinous fiber found in the konjac root, but some other varieties are made from bean curd. You ’ ll want to check the labels if you have a strong preference. I personally buy this stigmatize, as I prefer konjac noodles over those made with bean curd – see why I try to limit soy here. Shirataki noodles recipe on a plate with fork

How To Make Shirataki Noodles

The instructions on the package typically say to merely rinse and eat, but I strongly recommend following the instructions below, for the optimum texture.

How to prepare shirataki noodles

  • Rinse. Rinse the noodles in a colander under cool running water for a couple of minutes. This helps neutralize their flavor.

Rinsed shirataki noodles in colander

  • Boil. While boiling konjac noodles is not actually necessary to cook them, we do this to improve their flavor and texture. Boiling makes them less crisp or rubbery, and more like an al dente pasta. It only takes about 3 minutes in boiling water – you’ll notice they get a bit thicker.

FYI: Boiling is technically optional, but recommended for texture. You can skip it if you in truth want to, but I did a comparison screen with and without, and doing this pace decidedly improved texture. Boiling shirataki noodles in a pot

  • Pat dry. Pat the noodles very dry with paper towels. This is an important prep step for the best way to cook shirataki noodles, which we’ll cover next.

How to cook shirataki noodles

  • Stir fry. Heat a large, heavy skillet over medium-high heat, without any oil. Add the miracle noodles (this is after rinsing, boiling, and patting dry!) and stir fry for about 10 minutes, until they are very dry.

FYI: The dry stir frying step is crucial for the best texture and flavor. Whether you skipped the boil pace above or not, decidedly don ’ triiodothyronine skip the stir fry step. It actually helps to make your miracle noodles as neutral – and as close to substantial pasta in texture – as potential. Stir fried shirataki noodles in a pan

How to make the sauce

Konjac noodles can use any pasta sauce you like ! The one we ’ rhenium cook here is a creamy garlic parmesan sauce :

  • Saute garlic. Heat olive oil in a skillet over medium heat and cook garlic, until fragrant.

Olive oil and garlic in skillet

  • Add broth and cream. Bring to a simmer, then reduce heat and simmer until the sauce reduces in volume and starts to thicken a little.

Broth and cream simmering in skillet

  • Add parmesan. Whisk in grated parmesan cheese until smooth and thick.

Sauce with parmesan cheese in skillet

  • Toss. Add noodles to sauce and toss to coat. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Garlic parmesan shirataki noodles in skillet with wooden spoon

Shirataki Noodles Nutrition Info

How many carbs in shirataki noodles?

Are shirataki noodles low carb ? YES ! The brand I like has :

  • 3g total carbohydrates
  • 2g fiber
  • 1g net carbs
  • 0g fat
  • 0g protein

The recipe card downstairs will have slenderly higher values, because it includes the garlic parmesan sauce.

Are shirataki noodles keto?

Yes, with merely 1 gram net carb per serve, konjac noodles are keto friendly.

Are shirataki noodles healthy?

Yes, miracle noodles are a healthy low carb pasta choice, since they are made from a plant settle and they are about wholly character.

What do shirataki konjac noodles taste like?

The season of konjac noodles doesn ’ triiodothyronine taste much like anything. much like regular pasta, they are very neutral, and will take on the spirit of whatever sauce you use. however, if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate prepare them properly, konjac noodles can have a rubbery or slightly crisp texture. That ’ mho why I tested extensively ( 6 times ! ) to find the best method for cooking miracle noodles. Made correctly, they have a texture identical similar to al dente pasta. Try it out and see !

Where to buy shirataki noodles?

You can find shirataki noodles in some health food stores or coops, but it ’ south easy to find them online ( this is the best price ) or order directly from Amazon here. Garlic butter shiratakii noodles on a plate with a fork

storage Instructions For Miracle Noodles

Can you make them ahead?

Yes, you can make this miracle noodles recipe ahead. It reheats in truth well. Store them in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.

Can shirataki noodles be frozen?

No, don ’ thyroxine freeze your shirataki noodles ! Because the noodles have so much liquid in them, they will not thaw well after freezing.

Reheating instructions:

Reheat the noodes in the microwave or a hot frying pan, until heated through. Cooked shirataki noodles recipe in skillet with wooden spoon

More Keto Shirataki Noodle Recipes

This post is my beginning recipe using shirataki noodles, but they ’ ll bring as a keto pasta substitute in thus many recipes ! Try swapping them for the noodles in these dishes :

  • Low Carb Alfredo – If you love Alfredo sauce (who doesn’t?!), you’ll love topping your miracle noodles with this sauce.
  • Keto Spaghetti & Meatballs – Swap out the zucchini noodles for miracle noodles for a classic pasta dish.
  • Keto Pad Thai – This pad Thai sauce would be awesome with konjac noodles. Simply prep the noodles according to instructions above and swap the sauces.
  • Japanese Kani Salad – This creamy, asian crab and noodle salad could also be made with shirataki noodles instead of kelp ones.
  • Keto Pho – Swap the zucchini noodles with miracle noodles for an even more authentic texture.
  • Miracle Noodles – This is my go-to for shirataki noodles recipes. They are soy-free and the texture turns out great when you use the steps in the recipe below.
  • Colander – Draining the miracle noodles before cooking is imperative. This colander is great because you can place it on the bottom of the sink, and the base won’t allow water to splash back up to your noodles!
  • Heavy Duty Skillet – Use this to get the noodles nice and dry, for the best texture.


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